A Time to Give, A Time to Receive

Post by Contributing Writer, Daniele

December is usually a slow month for our family, and it’s almost here!

Not that we don’t engage in holiday planning, cooking and celebrating — we do.  After a few months of my husband’s consistent travel schedule however, the last bit of the year seems to move along at an easier pace.

Most of the time. Like everyone else, I’m tempted to fill the calendar and our days.

As I planned recently for what the holidays have come to mean for our family, I was struck by one thought.  One phrase which kept repeating itself as I went about my day:

This season is also a time to receive.

As Christians, our desire to cultivate generosity is important to us.  We are well versed in the command to give of ourselves and of our extras — and thankfully, so many ministries exist for this very purpose!  We can send shoeboxes, buy water for a village, or offer a warm blanket to people we may never meet.  The needs are great, and we must respond.

Hand in hand with Christ’s desire for us to give I believe, is His desire that we receive.

Isn’t that why He came?

To give us hope, to give us peace, to come and heal us, restore us — redeem us.  He came to give generously of who He isHave we received?

Oh yes!  Salvation is our entrance into this gift of Jesus, yet I am learning more and more how He desires that we daily embrace our need for Him — this gift we can’t do without.  Today, this moment, you and I both need the Savior and all He has to offer.  Receive.

So yes, celebrate with gusto! ::  enjoy and delight in the days ahead :: give of yourself, and sacrificially bless others.

And allow God to do the same for you…

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Daniele is a pastor’s wife and homeschooling mama of five–a woman on a journey towards intentional living.  She celebrates family, gathers up grace, and nurtures the spirit over at Domestic Serenity. You’re welcome to visit!

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