Weekend Inspiration {11.26}

We’ve been staying cozy inside, out of the regular downpours, serving lots of pumpkin spice lattes to our guests, munching on Thanksgiving leftovers, and getting started on homemade Christmas gifts. Here are some of my favorite links of the week:






  • Simple Spruce-Ups: DIY Dispensers from Glass Bottles @ The Red Chair Blog… I used an old green glass olive oil bottle, and it only took me a few seconds to implement! Much more lovely than an old plastic bottle, and perfect for refilling with dish liquid purchased in bulk.


  • Make a Thanksgiving Walnut Candle @ The Magic Onions… I love the assortment of walnuts, acorns, & seedpods for a quick seasonal craft! (I’m thinking they’d be a bit flammable, though, so put them on a fire-safe dish and keep an eye on it.)


  • Birthing a Better Way: 12 Secrets for Natural Childbirth Inspiring birth stories, plus good informational articles (such as why we avoid ultrasounds).
  • Food to Live By… We loved the Triple Ginger Ice Cream on top of our Thanksgiving pies, and the chocolate cake is on the docket for next week’s birthday party (my little girl is turning 5!). Oh, besides desserts, there are some lovely seasonal meals in there, too. :)
  • Little Britches: Man of the Family… We were listening to the audio CDs in the kitchen during the days of Thanksgiving baking.

{Window Shopping}

Emmi Lee Designs… The baby tunics are gorgeous!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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7 comments to Weekend Inspiration {11.26}

  • Thanks for sharing my muffins Michele! Little Britches was a family favorite growing up. What a wonerful book. Have a blessed weekend!


  • Charise Cole

    Would you please share your recipe for pumpkin spice latte? Please, please, please!!! It’s my all time favorite hot beverage. I have searched the web and have found a few, but they just don’t taste quite right.


    Michele Reply:

    @Charise Cole, I’ve seen some fabulous recipes online that actually call for adding pumpkin puree, but we have to just use the syrup in our coffeehouse. (We use the natural syrups from Monin.) :) Sorry!



    Charise Cole Reply:

    Thanks for answering so quickly!!


    Katie Reply:

    @Charise Cole, Here’s my twist on the latte, maybe it will be closer to what you are looking for? http://mexicanwildflower.blogspot.com/2011/11/pumpkin-pie-latte.html


    Charise Cole Reply:

    And Katie, thanks so much for the recipe. I just printed it out so I can make some this morning.


  • The coloring book article made me think of my daughter. They only do open-ended art projects at her school–no coloring pages or crafts. This has really increased her interest in art at home and has made her MUCH more creative!


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