A Little Chef’s Apron or Art Smock

Our littlest kitchen helper now has his very own apron! He was so pleased with it.

During these past weeks of holiday baking, he has loved being right at my side, helping to pour and mix ingredients. (And has many of the kitchen utensil items’ names memorized, labeling the ladle, spatula, pastry brush, and more!)

The neck and belt are made with a boyish truck print cotton fabric, and the main body part of the apron is made with a sturdy “cotton duck” fabric in a dot print. (Much better for him than his sister’s ruffly aprons that he kept trying to borrow!)

The apron has also already doubled as an art smock; wearing it while doing his new paint-with-water projects from Nana.

The apron was quick to sew up. I used the free pattern here from Meg McElwee (of Sew Liberated).

It allows for the child to put on/take off the apron (mostly) without assistance; perfect for those “do it myself” toddlers! It doesn’t have any ties; just a stretchy elastic neck and a velcro waist closure.

I’m thankful for my Little Helper!

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