Amazingly Five

My dear Gen girl,

I am so amazed to see you turn five-years-old! You have brought such joy (and mischief!) to our hearts, and sweet giggles to our home. I can’t imagine what the future holds for you, but I know that each day is richer when shared with you. You are such a firecracker.

I love seeing you sharing the fullness of life with your little brother, and your excitement for the coming new baby. Your nurturing “big sister heart” is such a gift, and I pray for God’s grace upon you in the coming years.

The predicaments you find yourself in have left your parents baffled at times, but I adore your curious spirit and love of learning. (Ah, such a family of independent first-borns we have, my dear…) I love seeing that twinkle in your dark eyes, indicating that you have a fabulous punch line to a joke, a creative idea, or a deep question just around the corner.

At your request to “have tea like the vacation people,” it was such fun to share your first real birthday party- a tea party- with you (along with aunts and a grandma). Oh, you’re growing up, sweet girl. (Definitely a flourishing change from your request last year to “just have brownies!”) But your love for abundant chocolate lives on…

I love sharing the simple joys of life with you; snuggled up reading a book under a warm quilt, discovering fascinating trivia in the animal encyclopedia, savoring a new recipe, admiring the beauty of plants growing outdoors, and observing that “a number plus zero always stays the same.” So, with this in mind, it was an honor to share in the experience of seeing you get your first library card this week (and to see your cherished care of the 5 items you checked out).

First Library Card

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

We love you!

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