Spicy Cranberry Potpourri

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Post by Contributing Writer, Nada

Cranberries are a turkey’s best friend.  Anytime a turkey is on the table, chances are, cranberries are right there beside it.  These bright red, shiny berries are a favorite dish stewed and blended into a sauce, and they’re fairly easy to prepare as well. There is a lot of potential in the simple cranberry.

“Why are Strawberries sweet and Cranberries sowre?”
New England Missionary John Eliot in 1647

Cranberries are best when they are firm and plump, with a bright, deep red color. The deeper the color, the higher the antioxidant content.  Watch for any signs of spoiling when choosing your cranberries.  Avoid those with excessive moisture and squishy berries.  And by the way, did you know that cranberries bounce when they’re ripe?  That’s why they’re also called “bounceberries.”

Garland Gift

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Now, of course, there’s always good ol’ cranberry sauce.  But let’s not forget cranberry juice, which is an excellent way of combating urinary tract infections.  And there’s the delightful tradition of stringing cranberries on strings and putting them over your tree.

But my most recent favorite way of using cranberries is to boil them with spices in a delicious potporri. My mother gave me this as part of my Christmas gift this year, and I have been enjoying it all day.

Spicy Cranberry Potpourri

One whole Orange

1/4 cup Cranberries

1 tbsp whole Cloves

3 sticks Cinnamon

a bit of ground Nutmeg

Quarter the orange.  Put all ingredients into a small saucepan.  Cover with water.
Place on the stove on low (I set it at “4”) and let simmer until the scent fills the home.
Refill with water as necessary.  This will last about a week or so.

You now have a nice, natural fragrance for your home, and a festive, inviting atmosphere of hospitality! Enjoy!

Nada is a first-time mom to a delightful little girl and the wife to a wise and wonderful man. With a background in fitness and nutrition, she enjoys healthy cooking, green cleaning and especially writing, and has acquired a vast knowledge of interesting little facts… about everything! She aspires to be a Godly woman that her daughter is proud to call “Mom” and through her blog, miniMOMist, she discusses how attachment parenting, minimalism, simplicity and frugal living help in her everyday mission.

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