Burlap & Branches: A Woodland Playroom

The “nesting” projects continue, as I finally put curtains up in our front room recently. It is mostly our children’s playroom, but also doubles as our family “hideaway”/living room when the rest of the house is full of guests.

This mysterious green-hued paint seems to change with the seasonal lighting of the surrounding windows. (It’s Mythic’s “Aged Gold 080-3″ and has become one of my favorites.) With the room’s early 1900’s dark wood trim and iron-work windows, we decided to transform it with a bit of a “treehouse/woodland” feel.

Calvin made us (free!) curtain rods from branches he collected from the woods behind our home. (Better Homes & Gardens has a painted version, but we left ours in their original mossy goodness.)

The brackets for the curtains were just pieces of forked branches, trimmed to size (inspired by the Aspen Hooks at Wise Craft). We love the whimsical look of the curved branches, rather than straight rods.

The curtains are a version of the “No-Sew Burlap Curtains” (although I did sew on some cream-colored grosgrain ribbon ties, rather than purchase clip-on curtain rings). I got the huge roll of ribbon off of freecycle years ago, and it has been a delightful addition to many projects.

There is a low shelf running underneath the window shown in the top photo, which holds baskets of toys on top and books lined up on the bottom. (It was originally a tall skinny bookshelf, but we laid it down sideways to be more easily accessed by little hands.)

We’ve had a bit of a “quiet corner” in there as well, for cuddling up listening to audio books and our homeschool music CDs, but it is still a work in progress. I’m hoping to finish up that part of the room soon.

Now, if we could just get around to actually hanging up pictures on the walls… :)

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