All You Need Is Love…

The Beatles famously sang “All you need is love, love, love is all you need.” While I am sure they had a different context for their words, I have been thinking about this in the context of my home life and budget.

All You Need is Love…

by singlestitches

We just welcomed a new baby into our home.  We thought through our budget, saved what we could and prepared for this big change. As I look around at the few things this baby has; clothes, a place to sleep and some diapers, I am struck by how few “things” we really need to get by in life.

What do you need? Take inventory for each family member in your home.  Do they need anything?

Are you blessed with clothes, food and shelter?  If so, take a moment and be thankful and then show love.  Show love to a family member, friend or stranger who is in true need.  Donate to your food pantry, volunteer at a local shelter or take groceries to an elderly neighbor.


by Cláudia*~Assad

At the same time I’m looking around my home, I also realize that I have been supplied beyond my needs.  Our new daughter also has a baby swing, brand new blankets and clothes with tags still on them waiting for her. I am thankful for the things we have been gifted.  Things that have come to us for free.

Make sure you are using the gifts you are given.

Start with gifts you received at Christmas!  There are toys to be played with, clothes to be worn and gift cards to be spent.  The gifts we receive are given out of generosity and we honor the gift-giver by using them!

(Side note: Now is also a great time to catch up on thank you notes that you may have forgotten to send!)

Love is All You Need…


As you see pink and red hearts in the stores this month and hear advertisements for marriage retreats and romantic getaways, remember that you can show your family ongoing love by being a good steward of what you have.

If you haven’t committed to a budget yet this year, sit down and work on one. If your budget is set and you are following it faithfully, take a look outside of your financial resources and see where else you might be a good steward.

Monthly balancing the checkbook, clipping coupons, making detergent, putting aside money in savings, making homemade meals, turning off the lights in empty rooms… all those mundane tasks that a mom does to keep her family in good financial shape are gifts of love!

At the end of the day remember, all you need is love.  The unconditional love of God for His child, a husband for his wife, a mother for her children… that is real love.

Rachael shares financial tips from her kitchen table surrounded by a newborn,  two active toddlers and her husband. God has called her from corporate life into His grace as an  at-home wife!  She shares about her passion for motherhood  and  life at To Be a Mom…

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