Homemade Mini Co-Sleeper Sheets

As I’ve been making preparations for our third baby lately, one of my “baby essentials” projects has been a place for the baby to sleep. We decided upon a Mini Co-Sleeper this time, and purchased one for less than half price off of craigslist.

However, it didn’t come with sheets. I did not want to spend around $18 per sheet (and, remembering those damp newborn days of baby messes, I knew we’d need more than one!).  So, I figured since I had made Moses Basket sheets for a friend’s baby bed (borrowed a couple years ago, and returned) and covers for our (very well-worn!) changing pad, that these sheets would be manageable.

I picked up some “gender-neutral” fabric on sale, both a flannel (for cold nights) and a basic cotton (for the warmer summertime). I purchased 3 yards of each, but had some leftover. I made 2 sheets from each fabric. (I probably only needed about 1 or 1.25 yards of fabric per sheet.) Make sure to wash & preshrink your fabric before sewing!

I mostly followed the Playard Mattress Sheet Tutorial from Everything Your Mama Made & More. However, I had to adjust the measurements (with some trial & error) for our “mini-size” co-sleeper, instead of her original sized one.

For each Mini Sheet, I cut the fabric to 39″ x 26″. I hemmed a tiny hem on the short sides (fold 1/8″ and stitch; fold over another 1/8″ and stitch again to hide raw edges).

I didn’t hem the long sides, I just finished them with a zig-zag seam (or a serger would be great). If you want to hem the long sides (which would look nicer), you might want to increase your fabric width a bit (perhaps about 27″?).

For the 4″ squares cut from the corners, make sure to cut these after you’re done sewing the hems, for an accurate fit!

For the remainder of the sewing, I used 1/4″ seam allowances (the original tutorial uses 3/8″). The rest of the measurements were the same. I still cut 4″ squares from each corner, and used 9″ long pieces of 1/4″ elastic.

The sheets fit perfectly snug on the mattress- just as they should be! (You don’t want loose sheets on a baby’s bed.)

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