New Book! Flourishing Spring: Nourishing Activities for Rainy Days

Flourishing Spring: Nourishing Activities for Rainy Days

Over 25 ideas for creating intentional moments with children, with multiple variations, allergy-friendly recipes, and simple resources. This 33-page ebook is a compilation of boredom busters, homemade gift ideas, and nourishing meal suggestions for filling a rainy day!


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With the five themes of Nest, Grow, Taste, Bless, and Imagine, you can tailor your choice of activity for a quiet (or rousing!) time at home, exploring the outdoors, or blessing members of your community/family. With simple supply suggestions, you won’t be spending hours on set-up & clean-up!

A wealth of gift ideas provides options for encouraging a bed-ridden friend, or creating surprises on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, a Baby Shower, and more!


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(Downloads as a 33-page PDF file ebook.)

From the Introduction:

“My growing family of little ones regularly shows me the simple pleasures of a new day. This book is a collection of our favorites.

For them, a perfect day might merely include a large mud puddle, a tasty treat from the kitchen, finding a new leaf or flower, and a new library book. Or, it might be a day of paint splatters, a trip out of the house for a hike or visit, or the mysterious disappearance of little socks (again).

As a busy mama & wife, juggling my work-at-home, homeschooling, and community endeavors, I appreciate activities that allow quality time with my family without a lot of prep time or clean-up. Having experienced both city and rural living, I understand the potential difficulties of obtaining project supplies, and have included listings of our usual staples and sources (along with alternate suggestions) throughout book.

Honestly, some days will be more challenging than others.

The hunt for a lost hat or boot downstream in the creek (for the third time this month), the muddy fingerprints and footprints trailing from the back door to the potty (and out again), a pot of burnt oatmeal, moments of soothing a squabble, a leaky diaper, and the discovery of an unintended crayon wall mural (or a bit of glue-tasting!) can all add up to a discouraging (or at least tiring) day for Mama.

But in the midst of a full life, are you creating memories of joy, nourishing the delights and talents of your little ones?

Our simple-living family prefers to create useful and beautiful items during craft time, and savor the seasonal changes outdoors, as we make our home in the Pacific Northwest. In this book, you will not find just another list of busy-work ideas for creating wobbly knick-knacks. As we raise up our children in their valuable roles as members of our family and community, it is a joy to equip them for thoughtfully contributing and participating, as well as developing new skills.

As with most areas of parenting, it can take a bit of self-sacrifice for Mama & Daddy, as you allot your time. If you live with a tendency toward individual activities, instead of family togetherness, do not be discouraged. Over time, a new way of life can develop with your intentionality and purposefulness.

You do not have to be inclined as a creative & energetic personality to pursue this time with your children. (And a project never has to be perfectly done to be just right!) Even if you feel like every crafty bone is missing from your body (today or everyday), you can still cherish the newness and wonder of what may otherwise be a dreary, grey day.

With the dawn of spring, although the days are lengthening from the dark wintertime, it may still seem to be full of mud and grey clouds. Take time to discover and create together using all your senses; nurturing beauty instead of boredom on a rainy day!

A wide variety of projects are suggested in this book. Choose one that fits the ages/abilities/interests of your children, and what supplies you have on hand. Adapt as needed, to keep it fun and manageable. Enjoy!”

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Activities Include:



Hammered Flower/Leaf Prints





Gardening Hand Cream





Rainy Day/Sick Day Gift Bag for Children & Natural Orange-Scented Playdough




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Free Sample:

Go here for a free copy of the Orange-Scented Playdough Recipe (with gluten-free option)! View Cart

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