Teaching Opportunities In Your Garden

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Post by Contributing Writer, Holly

I realize I’m talking about gardening, and it’s only February 1st.  Yes, there are probably a few more snowy and icy days still ahead, but, in my defense, I had flower plants peeking out of the ground last year on or about February 19th.  So… I think it’s okay to start thinking and dreaming about spring.  :)

It has not worked out for us to have children (a post for another day), so I’m not about to give parenting advice.  But even those of us without children can still offer some creative ideas for teachable little minds.

Examples where you might find this appropriate – someone without children offering ideas about teaching children – would be a school teacher; someone with an in-home daycare service, responsible for other parents’ children; a Sunday school teacher; or so many other possibilities.  In these positions, it’s an obligation and privilege to find effective ways of communicating godly truths into the lives of children.  Teaching them how to walk with the Lord ALL DAY LONG is one of the most valuable lessons you will ever teach.

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Since I enjoy flower gardening, I thought I would offer one specific way of doing this, applicable to flower, fruit, vegetable, herbs or spices gardening.

As you find yourself in the yard and in your edible garden, pay special attention to specific plants that were mentioned in the Bible.  It’s a teachable moment, and one that could involve memorizing verses about plants. It can serve as a springboard for a multitude of faith-based conversations with your children.

Here is a sample list of plants listed in the Bible, and at least one verse for each.  There are MANY other plants mentioned too.

  1. Lily of the Valley – Song of Solomon 2:1 “I am the rose of Sharon, and the lily of the valleys.”  It may not be referring to the specific flower we think of as the “Lily of the Valley”.  Maybe it’s a different lily that was typically found in that region’s valleys, but it definitely causes my mind to think about scripture when I think about the name of this flower.
  2. Rose of Sharon – see verse in no. 1
  3. Flower – James 1:9-10
  4. Apple – Psalm 17:8 “Keep me as the apple of Your eye; hide me under the shadow of Your wings,.”
  5. Olive Tree – Romans 11:16-36
  6. Cucumbers, Melons, Leeks, Onions, & Garlic – Numbers 11:5
  7. Beans – 2 Samuel 17:28
  8. Grain – Deuteronomy 14:22
  9. Bitter Herbs – Exodus 12:8
  10. Vine – John 15

What creative ways have you found to speak and teach godly truths into the lives of children?

Holly is a wife to her loving husband, John, and a “mother” of 3 canine “children.” She loves sharing her faith, gardening, and fascination and appreciation of animals (birds, bats, butterflies, and the cute furry ones too) over at Your Gardening Friend.

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2 comments to Teaching Opportunities In Your Garden

  • So nice to see someone else talking about gardening in winter. Can’t wait till spring!!!


    Holly Reply:

    Oh, I know! I am SO ready. And with the unusually warm weather we’ve had in Indiana this week (mid-upper 50’s), it feels like spring too.


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