Reflecting on the Gifts: A New Perspective

by GoodNCrazy

Post by Contributing Writer, Rachael

Our family is about to make a big purchase; we are in need of a vehicle. In the midst of feeling a bit overwhelmed by our small budget and seemingly big need I decided I needed a new perspective. I took a deep breath, looked out our office window and took a moment to reflect on what I was thankful for right now.

As I reflected I realized that we have been blessed with many large things that have come to our family in very unique ways.

For instance, the home we live in was neither for sale or rent, yet here we are living in it. The car we are driving now has lasted longer, cost less and fit our family better than the more expensive and upscale one before it and someone else chose it for us. Even the coat closet full of winter wear for all my children is awe-inspiring. Three coats, one from a family member, one from a friend, one from a friend of a relative all the right size, appearing at different times for different reasons.

by Bryn Pinzgauer

There are so many big things in the last year that, although thankful, I never stopped to appreciate their story.

You see, the “things” we are often blessed with reflect the faithfulness of a God who loves us in amazing ways. Everything beyond our basic needs of food, shelter and clothing is more than a gift. It is an abundance.

Sure, there are days when compared to the world around us we have little or that our frugality and thriftiness is done more out of duty then stewardship.  But, the value of our life is not measured by how we kept up with the Joneses, but how we lived our lives.

Sometimes, to see clearly into our financial lives, we need to look away from the spreadsheets and look into our hearts

by Elvire.R.

So, today’s financial challenge is two fold:

First, take a moment to reflect on your own heart.

  • Are you being prudent with the things you have been given?
  • Are you truly thankful for what you have or are you sitting in quiet envy?
  • Can you be a better steward of your resources financial and material?
  • Are your humbly grateful or selfishly gripping when it comes to your “things”?

Second, see the story. Take some time to look at all the “things” in your life.

  • Be reminded of not only what you have but why you have it.
  • Where did they come from?
  • Who has been blessing you?
  • How have you been thankful or showed your appreciation and gratitude?
  • Take time to appreciate what you have, big and small.
  • Write a long forgotten thank you note.
  • Wear what someone has gifted you.
  • Stop and show sincere appreciation for a service provided.

A change in perspective can go a long way. After my time of reflection I went about some house work and came across a few dollars stashed in a nursing pocket. It was as if God was saying “See, I blessed you before, I am blessing you now, trust me for the future.” I wonder what kind of car he already has picked out for us…

Rachael shares financial tips from her kitchen table surrounded by a newborn,  two active toddlers and her husband. God has called her from corporate life into His grace as an  at-home wife!  She shares about her passion for motherhood  and  life at To Be a Mom…

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