5 Frugal Repurposed Garden Accessories

Post by Contributing Writer, Holly

Goodwill, garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, and even trash (if you’re allowed to search it) are some of the best places to find garden accessories. Sometimes it requires a little imagination though. It’s not always apparent how you might repurpose an item for the garden. You might have to think, as they say, outside the box.

Here are 5 frugal, repurposed garden accessories.

1. Repurposed Tea Kettle and Silverware (Wind Chime)

I was on the hunt for some garden/yard accessories about a week ago, so I stopped at the flea market in town. One booth was full of creative wind chimes. This tea kettle was my favorite. The green patina gives it a desirable aged look.

It looks like all you would need to do to create this is to drill a hole on the end of each piece of silverware, tie nylon string to the silverware, and attach the strings to the bottom of the kettle using rivets. I think you could also just drill teeny tiny holes in the bottom of the kettle, and tie a knot with the string to keep the strings from falling out.

I’m TRULY inspired by this wind chime. I hope to create some chimes from my own imagination. I’ve got a few ideas brewing on the back burner, even now. The construction has only begun in my mind, but they look GREAT!! :)

2. Repurposed Toilet Paper Holder (Bird House)

I found this adorable outhouse. It’s intended for the bathroom, to store a roll of toilet paper. I’m sure you’ve seen similar items, but this one cried out to me with a repurpose in mind – a bird house! It’s perfect!! It now sits on my front porch, open, and ready for any bird looking for real estate. I figure if a bird can build a nest on the top of a motion sensor light, this little outhouse should work just fine.

3. Repurposed Broken Flower Pot (A Different Kind of Flower Pot)

I foolishly left some flower pots outside one winter. One of them broke into pieces and I had to toss most of it. As soon as I saw what happened, I remembered something I had seen online on how to repurpose broken flower pots.

I don’t remember where I read about this repurposing, but I did some searching and was able to find the same thing on Our Every Day Earth.

If you only have a portion of the pot, you can place it on its side so that it appears to be half buried.

4. Repurposed Spoons (Plant Markers)

A few months ago, I saw this ingenious idea. It was in Frugal Granola’s monthly contributing post at Passionate Homemaking.

Michele shares a link to a site where they’ve taken some ordinary spoons, glued a magazine photo of various plants to the inside of the spoon, and placed it in the ground as a plant marker. How clever is that!

5. Repurposed Chicken Wire (Plant Trellis)

I don’t think I’ve seen chicken wire used in this way, but I think it’s a great way to repurpose any leftovers.

All you’d have to do is fasten the edges to some wooden stakes, or fencing stakes, and plant your flower or vegetable vine in front of it.

What have you repurposed in your garden or yard?

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Holly is a wife to her loving husband, John, and a “mother” of 3 canine “children.” She loves sharing her faith, gardening, and fascination and appreciation of animals (birds, bats, butterflies, and the cute furry ones too) over at Your Gardening Friend.

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8 comments to 5 Frugal Repurposed Garden Accessories

  • Hi Holly! What great frugal ideas… I love this.. I have an old teapot that I plant nasturtiums in every spring! Thank you for sharing this fun post with the Farmgirls at Dandelion House! Please join us when ever you can!


    Holly Reply:

    Your repurposed tea pot sounds lovely. Using it as a planter is a wonderful idea! Thanks for commenting.


  • I love this post – especially the wind chimes. Just shared on my fan page. Thanks!


    Holly Reply:

    Thanks, Adrienne. I know, the person who created this wind chime definitely has a God-given creative ability!! I hope to create something like this too. :) Thanks for sharing on your fan page!!


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  • Genie

    I repurposed a metal firepit. I freshened the outside up with black spray paint. The top dome I used upside down as a hanging planter. I used black chain, I made the mesh bigger so I could put an “s” hook through, on 4 sides. Mine came with an “s” shaped tool, that you take the hot top off with, so I used it as the hanger. I put a coconut hull inside. I also hung a cross from the bottom ring. The cross was a wind chime, the chimes broke and God only knows where they went, and looks like opaque stone. The bottom I used as a mini garden. One of the legs broke beyond repair, so I took the others off. I held it level with large rocks, like a camp fire ring. I had to put drain holes in the bottom and then added a small rock over each hole, then dirt. My little garden gnome looks adorable in it with the flowers.


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