Spring Change or Challenge?

Spring by striatic

Post by Contributing Writer, Rachael

Here in the Midwest we have had the warmest end to winter and start to spring. We have already seen weather in the 80’s. All this nice weather has brought on spring fever in our house! I am ready to clean, garage sale, thrift and plan for summer.

As I sat down to think through what to do first I was challenged by some of the moms in my Bible Study to consider not only what my items are worth but what my time and energy is worth too.

So if you also have spring fever and are thinking ahead here are some thoughts to consider.

Garage Sale

Garage Sale by ryanrocketship

This is by far where I was hit in the gut most. I have generally thought having a garage sale was a great idea and I still do, especially if you need cash from your items, but here are some things to consider.

Pros: Good motivation to declutter. Fairly simple way to earn some spending cash. Easy way to involve your kids in the decluttering and budgeting process.

Cons: Time consuming to price, advertise, set up, tear down and donate/store/give leftover items. Is the time it takes equal to what you make? A simple equation to use is X Dollars Earned divided by X Hours Spent = $ Per Hour. Will it be worth it? Another con is perhaps not blessing someone by giving away something you have versus selling it.

Having a garage sale should be evaluated based on your circumstances. Our family is in need of a vehicle, so for me the time is worth the couple hundred dollars I may earn by selling our things. However, if the situation was different and finances allowed, I would really enjoy donating or specifically finding families who need what we have.

Summer Break

    VW Bus by Andy Siitonen

For a lot of folks summer is a time for vacationing, traveling and fun which all leads to increased spending. Many of us save up for this time of year and are prepared, but what if we looked at it differently?

Pros: Fun away from home. New sights, sounds and sensations. Making Memories.

Cons: Extra spending. Unfamiliar sleeping and routine arrangements (those with little ones know how this can go!). No real break in between the go, go, go.

Summer break is great and lots of fun. We have 3 weddings to attend this summer and I hope to make some enjoyable family time during those trips. However, what if we looked at summer as a time of Sabbath? A time to slow down, spend less and really cultivate our family, both financially and relationally.


This summer I will be having a garage sale and putting some of our finances and resources toward summer plans. However, I appreciate that I was challenged to look at my “normal way of thinking” just a little differently.

My hope for you this early spring is that you would be challenged too. May our Lord guide your heart as you look at your finances, the season and the many memories to be made in the months ahead.

Rachael shares financial tips from her kitchen table surrounded by a newborn,  two active toddlers and her husband. God has called her from corporate life into His grace as an  at-home wife!  She shares about her passion for motherhood  and  life at To Be a Mom…

If you have a financial question or topic you would like us to discuss,  leave a comment or send us an email!

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