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Our Staycation 2011

Post by Contributing Writer, Rachael

Summer is my FAVORITE season! You can tell because in the last year I have written several articles about some ideas for summer fun and budgeting including:

This year our summer will be different. In the last year we have added another child, lived in our new town for 1 year, hit some financial speed bumps and braved homeschooling for the first time. Everything just feels different.

Often our emotions largely play into how well we handle our finances. I am sure you can relate! Think about your emotions while making your summer plans. Knowing how you feel about what is upcoming can greatly help keep you and your budget on track!

Priorities Matter

Spending Time Together

Summer brings out the desire to have fun and the schedule to spend time together. Before you spend one cent make a list of your priorities.  Here are two simple questions to ask:

What is one thing that is important for you to accomplish or learn this summer?
What is one thing you would like to see your family accomplish or learn this summer?

After you answer these questions, make a financial map. What will it take logically and financially for you to accomplish your priorities this summer? Put this map somewhere as a reminder!

Our family puts our summer financial priority map with our checkbook. Every time I go to withdraw cash or write a check I am reminded of our summer goals and it helps me control my summer impulse spending.

Impulsiveness vs. Self Control

Slowing Down

This summer I can tell I am already facing feelings of impulsiveness. I am no longer pregnant so I have more energy and have a desire to do more things.  My kids are also at a more interactive age which also makes me want to have more activities for them.

STOP! Before you jump the gun and make a quick decision about DOING something, just stop. Ask yourself:

  • Why do I want to do this, does it match our family priorities?
  • Is it in my budget?
  • Can I get a coupon or discount for this activity?
  • Am I purchasing an item or am I making a memory?

You know what is important to you and your family; make every cent count!

I would love to know how you are feeling about the upcoming summer? Are you planning anything fun? What are you doing to be creative with your time? Let us know in the comments!

Rachael shares financial tips from her kitchen table surrounded by a newborn, two active toddlers and her husband. God has called her from corporate life into His grace as an at-home wife!  She shares about her passion for motherhood and life at To Be a Mom…

If you have a financial question or topic you would like us to discuss, leave a comment or send us an email!

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