Life Right Now

Our days are full right now.

We are in the midst of a parenting season with lots of “little people needs,” as is the norm for a family with three children, ages 5 and under (and 12 chickens). Hours and minutes fly by, filled with dishes and laundry, potty training, homeschooling, church/community ministry commitments, gardening, doctor appointments, groceries, library visits, and bedtime routines.

Our sweet baby boy is a happy, easy-going little guy, and has brought extra smiles to our days. He’s almost 8 weeks old now, and nearing 12 lbs! I’m rediscovering a new schedule with a baby again (notably, the challenge of a little one who often wants a 6 pm bedtime, and planning supper accordingly). All the children have been growing quickly lately, and I’ve had the endless task of sorting clothing for storage, hand-me-downs, and thrift stores.

We are also in the process of growing our business (and preparing for the seasonal influx of the summer months). The hospitality business is a joy, and yet, adds more responsibilities as we answer phone calls (often late at night), and provide rest, meals, housekeeping, and travel instructions for our guests. Our family loves meeting people from all over the world, hearing their stories, and sharing ours.

In preparation for this intensive season as a family, we took a short family vacation for Mother’s Day weekend. (I’ll share more about this soon!) Sandy, sunkissed, and a bit sticky, bearing dirty laundry and thrift store finds, we arrived home in time for a quick visit from my dad, for a couple nights’ stay.

The lilacs are in full bloom, filling the air with their gorgeous scent. I took a short walk by the barn last night, during the dusky moments at the end of sunset and beginning of moonlight (my first chance all day!). I picked a handful of rhubarb and a big bouquet of lilacs for the coffeehouse (greeting us with their fragrance at the foot of the stairs early this morning, when we awakened).

Meals this past week or so have been mostly fingerfoods (namely, children’s favorites) of nitrite-free hot dogs, gluten-free macaroni & cheese, oranges, carrot sticks, bagged organic salad mixes, canned salmon, peanut butter sandwiches, trail mix, fresh hard boiled eggs, gluten-free pretzels, and frozen coconut milk treats. I was so thankful for these semi-healthy finds (albeit packaged) at a local discount store, so I was able to stay in my grocery budget, and manage meals during a crazy week of scheduling (with business obligations, a few doctor visits, and a vacation).

It’s a season.

(What season are you in right now?)

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3 comments to Life Right Now

  • Lisa

    Your baby boy is darling!

    I am in a season of waiting and anticipation. Our first baby is due very soon. I am blessedly on maternity leave now, happily resting and nesting, awaiting what comes next. It will all be brand new to us!


  • I am coming out of that busy season! We had 3 kids all 2 years apart and homeschooled all of them. Our youngest is 16 now and no one has been home for a month! (Our youngest is on a mission trip now) It’s a very strange season. I’m used to being so busy. Now I actually have time! It’s very odd… I spent lots of time wandering around thinking…now what to do! Never ever thought I’d be in this season of life! It happened so quickly! I just blinked!


  • Love the lilacs!!! They are my favorite flower!


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