Tidbits from a Homeschooling Conference

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This past week, I had the pleasure of attending a Christian homeschooling conference. With my baby snuggled in the Ergo baby carrier, I immersed myself for two days in the wealth of wonderful encouragement, inspiration, and biblical teaching (and the smell of new books!).

Here is a “sampler” collection of a few of my favorites:

I loved Diana Waring’s vibrant encouragement for keeping the joy in learning, as well as some practical tips for my child that has to keep moving (such as “brain breaks”)! This quick “Key to Education” video shares a bit of her heart (although it’s a different one than the workshop I attended).

Heidi St. John‘s hilarious, but incredibly inspiring session (based on her newest book, The Busy Homeschool Mom’s Guide to Daylight), was packed full of helpful ideas for keeping priorities in line and organizing daily life. Here is an audio excerpt from another one of her sessions.

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The Jacobson family’s session was heart-warming and motivating, as they shared tips for family devotions, sibling loyalty, and the marriage relationship.

I really appreciated being able to hear Michael Farris (of the HSLDA). Here is a quick overview of the Parental Rights session.

The short session with a representative of Classical Conversations confirmed our desire to participate in a local group this year, and to continue along the classical education path we’ve enjoyed this past year. (Here is a good overview of the definitions and explanations of what a classical education encompasses.)

My children were thrilled to see me arrive home with some new school materials for the coming year! (I’ll share more details in another post later.) I appreciated the Used Curriculum Exchange to frugally purchase some items on my list!

Attending the conference was a wonderful time of recapturing the vision for educating my children, and goal-setting for the coming year. (I echo the encouragement of this veteran mom, on “Why Conferences Still Matter.”)

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