7 Ways to Stay Cool in Hot Summer Days

Post by Contributing Writer, Holly

It’s that time of year of being hot and miserable! Or, if you’re a glass half-full kind of person, it’s the time of year to find creative ways to stay cool and comfortable.

A “perfect” weather day for me is bright and sunny (but enjoyed in the shade), low humidity, 72-75 degrees, and a light breeze. Ahhhhh ... I know summer days can’t always be like that, but some days can be so hot, even I hate being outside. There’s usually something easy that can be done, though, to make even the most miserable days more enjoyable.

1. Maximize the cool morning hours.

Doing outdoor activities earlier than later will help make it seem like a cooler summer. The early morning hours are a great time to weed the garden and harvest any fruits and vegetables ready for the pickin’. The hotter hours can be used for house work and naptime.

2. Invest in a few box fans.

A few years ago, during a VERY hot day, John and I helped one of his co-workers at a pig roast. We all showed up early to help with the meat, setting up chairs, and that sort of stuff. It was so hot, but they planned well for it by setting up a BUNCH of stacked fans in the barn. It was very clever.

John and I are having a little get together at our house this weekend, and we plan on stacking a couple fans with some heavy duty cable ties, and whatever safety support might be needed (e.g., secure it to a vertical 2″x4″ post, etc. We’ll figure it out).

3. Wear white or light colored clothes (and cotton material).

The sun will heat up a dark colored object much, much faster and hotter than a light colored object. Remember as a kid trying to walk barefoot across an asphalt driveway? Ouch!!

4. Soak your feet in a shallow bucket of icy water.

Keep your freezer stocked with ice. If you really want to enjoy sitting on the front porch or in the backyard – I LOVE watching the hummingbirds, or simply staring out into the woods, while enjoying all the sounds of nature – but don’t want to be smothered in the heat, a bucket of icy water will do the trick. For some special pampering, try this Natural Foot Soak.

5. Use a spray bottle of cold water to cool yourself.

I have a really big 36-ounce spray bottle I keep next to my compost worm bins to spray the bedding on an as-needed basis. This can also serve as my keep-me-cool-in-hot-summer-days bottle too.

6. Pull your hair up with hair barrettes, bobby pins, headbands, ponytail, or pigtails.

I enjoy having long hair, but I’m always pulling it up before I go outside in the heat. It makes a world of difference.

7. Don’t forget about the 4-legged critters!

If you have a heart for the comfort of your animals, you’ll enjoy checking out our air-conditioned and heated dog houses. They’re “people” too!

But seriously, just because an animal can’t vocalize to you that they’re miserably hot and having difficulty breathing and keeping their body temperature regulated, doesn’t mean they’re not.

Make sure they have a constant shade, fresh cold water (twice or more a day), and a breeze of sorts. If you’re thinking, “Well, God made them to live outside in whatever weather there happens to be!” Well … who said we have to have air-conditioning? Let’s share some of those comforts with our animals.

I’ll step down from my little soap box now. 😉

What do you do to enjoy the outdoors without being miserable from the heat?

Holly is a wife to her loving husband, John, and a “mother” of 3 canine “children.” She loves sharing her faith, gardening, and fascination and appreciation of animals (birds, bats, butterflies, and the cute furry ones too) over at Your Gardening Friend.

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9 comments to 7 Ways to Stay Cool in Hot Summer Days

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  • Getting out in the a.m. is critical here in the South, where by July the temps usually hit 90 degrees by 9 or 10.

    Adding to the wearing light-colored clothes: also make them loose.


    Holly Reply:

    By 9 a.m. 90 degrees?! Wow! I guess getting up early to beat the heat might mean 4 a.m. for some. 😉


  • Great tips Holly! Anything to beat the heat! I’m always wearing my hair up during the summer! :)


  • Melissa

    Yup living in texas you do all of that. When it gets really hot you just stay indoors. I have been meaning to ask how come sometimes we come over to this blog? Thanks


    Holly Reply:

    Yeah, staying in the air-conditioning is the BEST way to stay cool. 😉

    As far as your question about why you come over here to read some of my posts, I publish one post each month on Frugal Granola. It’s a great way for my readers to stop by Michelle’s blog and take a look around her site, and, likewise, for her readers to pop over to Your Gardening Friend when they see one of my posts.


  • I just discovered the white clothing tip this summer. We live on a boat, and I noticed that a lot of women at the marinas wore gorgeous, long white sundresses. I bought one, and it keeps me cooler than anything else I’ve owned! Great tips!


    Holly Reply:

    White is a great color to wear in the heat, and it looks so fresh, clean, and cool. Living on a boat – that sounds pretty cool!


  • Heather

    My daughter used to complain so much about being in the heat, but I was trying to toughen her up. At the time, I hated it too, but endured for long walks or whatever. But I would tell her that she wasn’t allowed to complain unless she had her hair up, a tank top on, and shorts on. It’s amazing how much hotter a short sleeve or capris will make me. I’ve never found a long white sundress that I like, but I’ll have to keep an eye out for one.


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