Natural Help for Whooping Cough

I recently received a note from a reader, who suspects that a family member of hers has caught whooping cough. This person’s symptoms are mild, except for that notorious cough, and wanted to try some herbal remedies. (If it is whooping cough, that cough can stick around for months, though.)

With Whooping Cough reaching epidemic levels in some areas, it’s easy for some people to be exposed to it. Even some who have received the pertussis vaccine aren’t necessarily immune, and have caught whooping cough as well.

A couple years ago, whooping cough went through our community.

One soothing option for the cough was a wild cherry bark tincture. (We’ve also gotten some combined in an herbal/homeopathic blends for coughs). I also made a big batch of Slippery Elm lozenges from my ebook Herbal Nurturing.  Plus, the following:
1 Tbl. Raw Honey + 1 Tbl. Aloe Vera Juice+ a dash of  Cinnamon at bedtime (and as needed) to help with the cough.
We kept up the usual immunity stuff, too: cod liver oil, the immune booster syrup from my herbal ebook (and the cough syrup from my ebook + cherry bark tincture, if we didn’t get the commercial blends.) We also kept Silver Hydrosol Spray on hand, to fight infection, if needed.

One man was working in a wood mill that aggravated some allergies/asthma. (He may have had whooping cough, too; we’re not sure.)  He had good results with a homeopathic blend for bronchial concerns, along with the other cough products.

Vintage Remedies has some good thoughts on whooping cough, including helpful explanations on symptoms, vaccines, etc.

By the way, here is a post I did on cough/croup remedies, in case you’re just dealing with a regular “cold bug” cough.
Remember, I cannot give you medical advice. This is for informational purposes only. Make sure to do your own research, and consult with your own natural healthcare professional for your specific needs.
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