Natural Summertime Electrolytes: Real Salt Giveaway!

Before I ever began pursuing a “real food” lifestyle, I was still discerning about the salt I purchased for our table. The real stuff just tasted better!

Real Salt has been a staple item in my kitchen for years.  It provides an amazing sweet-salty flavor that enhances the taste of any meal, and goes unmatched by that processed/bleached basic white table salt.

I recently gave the Real Salt Organic Seasoning Gift Set as a hostess gift to a salt-loving friend of mine, since I love it so much, and she said it was “just perfect!” (I’ve enjoyed the salts on our staple side dish of Balsamic Skillet Green Beans, marinara/pizza sauce, or homemade grain-free crackers.)

We keep Real Salt on hand in our Bed & Breakfast and Coffeehouse, too, striving to serve the best, natural foods to our guests. Sprinkled on top of free-range eggs, tossed in a salad dressing, or stirred into our popular Skillet Potato Breakfast, Real Salt adds the perfect finishing touch.

It’s not just a tasty ingredient, it’s also a “health food” full of naturally-occurring minerals. One friend mentioned to me last year, while sipping a cup of our chai tea, that her husband had been able to discontinue his expensive blood pressure medications, just by switching to Real Salt! (He led an otherwise healthy, active lifestyle already.)

As Darryl so humorously illustrates in this short video, real salt is essential for health, as part of the body’s necessary electrolyte balance. During these hot summer days, and busy outdoor activities in the heat, maintaining ideal electrolyte balance is especially important.

We often host guests at our inn, who have traveled long-distance by bicycle. Electrolyte balance was the topic of conversation at breakfast just a couple days ago, as they prepared for the next leg of their trip! I keep these Travel Salt Packets in my car, perfect for first aid or just a picnic on the road!

Also, I have also made sure to keep electrolyte drinks at my natural homebirths (similar to this Labor-Aid); it’s much more pleasant during that intense time to sip on a drink in between contractions, than to need an IV for dehydration! At the beginning of labor with our youngest son’s birth a few months ago, I got a great start by eating the electrolyte-rich Real Salt on scrambled eggs.

Redmond Trading/Real Salt is sponsoring a giveaway!

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Total Retail Value = $36.57

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