Simply Summer Cookbook Giveaway!

I’m not a huge fan of summertime heat, but I love the amazing foods it brings! Tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, berries, basil, and more are abundant this time of year. (And if not in my garden, they’re often found in natural food co-ops or farmer’s markets.)

These fruits and vegetables are the perfect solution for busy (and hot) summer days; especially if you utilize the barbecue! However, I tend to get stuck in old boring food routines, just setting out the basics and letting my husband handle the grilling.

Kate’s new ebook, Simply Summer, has revitalized our summer meals again! I quickly prepped her Cucumber-Tomato Salad (while the baby was napping & the dishwasher repairman had taken over much of my kitchen space, plus with the “help” of an almost-3-year-old tastetester).

Since that recipe went so quickly, we joyfully moved on to making popsicles! Her Mango-Strawberry Sorbet offers the alternative suggestion of turning the recipe into popsicles. Organic mangoes and strawberries were on sale this week, so I picked some up. (My family was so surprised; I never buy mangoes, since I rarely know what to do with them!)

I love having a selection of sauces, salads, and side dishes in the fridge to choose from, to go along with our barbecued meals (plus, dessert in the freezer!).

Another summertime tip:

Do your monthly menu plan, and approximate how much meat you’ll want for meals. Bring it home, and grill it all up one evening while the barbecue is hot! You won’t have to spend nights in a row waiting for that charcoal to be “just right.” Pop the planned leftovers into the fridge or freezer to wait for its scheduled day. Then serve with the sides/sauces from Simply Summer!

The summery chicken recipes and pasta salads in Simply Summer are the perfect use for your grilled meats, too. Most of the recipes have worked well in accommodating food allergy needs, including gluten-free. Some that call for dairy can be simple to substitute using coconut milk or just omitting cheese.


Kate is offering a copy of Simply Summer to 3 Winners! To enter the giveaway, view the Table of Contents, and leave a comment on this blog post letting us know what recipe you’d most like to try!

If you can’t wait for the giveaway, use discount code GRANOLA25 for 25% off through 7/20/12.

Giveaway ends 7/16/12. No purchase necessary. Winners will be randomly selected by I am an affiliate of Modern Alternative Mama books, and may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase. Thank you for your support!

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