The “You-ness” of You!

Post by Contributing Writer, Rachael
We read a book around our house that is one of my very favorites. It is called “Hooray for You”. It is a great explanation of how we are each created uniquely and includes this line:
“You-ness?” you ask. Quite hard to describe, it’s your style of being, your rhythm or vibe. It’s the grand sum of you that sets you apart. Your body and brains plus your spirit and heart.”
On those days when frugality and simplicity don’t seem so frugal or simple, I want to encourage you to grab onto your “you-ness” and keep moving forward! Here are some ways that I am putting my you-ness into practice this month. Be encouraged, the frugal simple life is a unique calling for each of us, embrace it!


My husband is trying to lose weight. We have volunteered to help pick up and set up our local CSA. This has become a great way to frugally take care of our bodies.

Veggies from our CSA

As “thanks” for our help in this area our farmer and fellow CSA participants often share their “extras” with us. We are able to eat healthy on a budget!


Books are a great way to keep the brain strong. In the spring I discovered that our library also loaned electronic books.

Our Nightstand

If you have a Kindle (or you can download the free kindle app to your computer) or something similar you can read almost any book for FREE by borrowing it from your library. From hardback to electronic books, check out what your local library may have to offer!


When was the last time you organized your CD’s? I know in the world of mp3’s and iElectronics of every kind, a lot of us have CD’s that are just collecting dust.

Inspiring Tunes

We organized recently and put all our CD’s in a binder. It prompted me to pull them out and put a few in the car. This simple exercise has been such a BLESSING. Uplifting music while I take a child to baseball, visit a friend that is in pain and run to the grocery store helps put my day in a new light.


Journaling. Are you like me and have several half started journals? As I was purging “stuff” from our house I came across a whole stack of cute journals that were mostly blank. It is a beautiful heart exercise to put your life on paper.

Simple Reflections

In order to not waste the beautiful journals I already have, I decided to recommit some time to reflecting on life. I answer the same 10 questions for myself everyday. By using what I already had around my house I am connecting with the beauty of the season I am currently living in and am gaining a greater appreciation for my every day.


This week as you live out the life you have created for yourself don’t forget…
“Yes, from head to toe tip, you’re truly original, a creation-in-progress, a distinct individual. Look the world over, and you’ll never find a duplicate of you-ness that’s your one-of –a-kind!”
Rachael shares financial tips from her kitchen table surrounded by a newborn, two active toddlers and her husband. God has called her from corporate life into His grace as an at-home wife! She shares about her passion for motherhood and life at To Be a Mom…
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