He is Three

My Enoch boy,
You are three today! I loved snuggling with you this morning, your sleepy head cuddled against my shoulder, asking me to tell you again about the day you were born.

Oh, how you’ve grown since that day! Now a 30-pound bundle of energy (and a studious focus, when you’re working on a project), you’re still as “Dedicated” as your name means.

My firstborn son, you are a blessing. It is a joy to be your mama.

You’ve had so many milestones this past year, with the potty, a big boy bed (the bottom bunk!), your first overnight with Grandpa & Grandma, your first year at VBS without Mama, and becoming a big brother!

I still giggle when you run to the window to watch those fascinating trucks, tractors, and planes go by. It is so fun hearing your sound effects as you “drive” all your toys (and things that are not toys, like your dinner fork?). (Oh, such a boy!)

You have learned how to care for the backyard chickens, and shared in our gardening/harvesting this year. You get to start preschool in our homeschooling this year, and I love seeing you so excited to “do school!” (Your favorites are the sticker books.) You can already count to 15, and you count everything!

You finished your first year of AWANA Puggles, and you love telling us that God made you. Yes, He did, my son. I’m so glad He did.

Mama & Daddy

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