Natural Healing Clay Giveaway (and the saga of a toe…)

My husband and I have had our share of laughs this summer over the number of times our summertime sandaled toes and barefeet get stomped on by wiggly little children. However, after one big jump/slip/crash by an exuberant child (ironically, outside the hospital!), my toe was really throbbing.

In my hurry to finish up our baby’s doctor appointment, and move on to other errands, I just ignored the injured toe. And then life went on.

For weeks, I stayed busy bustling around, serving guests at our business, on my feet all day. Occasionally, I would remark, “Wow, my toe sure hurts…” But then life would still go on.

I was rather haphazard in addressing the issue. Finally, after realizing my toe was getting worse, and I couldn’t even slip on my church shoes without pain, I stopped to give the wound some attention. (Yes, I realize I need to prioritize “self care” a bit better during these busy months! Oops.)

Obviously, denial was not healing this wound, and with it worsening, I knew I urgently needed a solution, after my negligence. I found an old tube of an antibiotic ointment in the cupboard behind the bandages, and dabbed on a bit of ointment every day or two. (Since we usually prefer natural remedies, I have no clue why I though this would be a good solution, compared to my usual protocol. I typically try to avoid unecessary antibiotics.)

But nothing seemed to change. Uh oh.

Then the obvious stared me in the face. The tube of Redmond Clay First Aid cream that I’ve been using on my children’s scrapes all summer was sitting right there on the shelf above my kitchen sink!

Clay is a perfect medium for removing toxins and promoting healing. Want to learn more? Check out this informational video on “What is Redmond Clay.”

I applied a bit of the Clay First Aid Paste on the wound at bedtime. In the morning, I rinsed off the paste in the shower, and realized that my toe wasn’t painful anymore! I was surprised at the rapid results.

I still noticed a bit of inflammation and redness around the wound, so I continued applying the paste at bedtime over the next couple days. After weeks of not healing, my toe finally seemed to be improved!

And since you didn’t really want to hear a saga about my toe, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous giveaway from Redmond Trading, just by entering your info on the simple entry form below, to try it out for yourself!

Two winners will receive a gift package including:

(By the way, I’ve also been loving the Facial Mud Mask, as my skin adjusts to the hormonal changes of postpartum, plus weather changes, without having to switch skincare products. It feels great, and I didn’t have any of the typical hormonal skin blemishes/breakouts this time around!)
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This is a compensated post sponsored by Redmond Trading. All opinions are my own. This post is for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your natural healthcare professional to address your own healthcare needs. Results may vary. Giveaway winners will be randomly selected. No purchase necessary. Giveaway ends 8/27/12.
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