Natural Summer First Aid for Children

The arrival of summertime seems to bring with it the inevitable bumps, scrapes, and more as my little ones play hard in the sun and water.

There also seems to be the occasional tummyache from summer party barbecue/campout treats, like when mama indulged in some spicy jalepeno guacamole and the nursing baby got fussy. Oops.

The children are outside playing for much of the day when it isn’t too hot, soaking up lots of good vitamin D from the sunshine, and muching on nutrient-dense wild berries and garden produce, so they seem to stay pretty healthy during this time of year.

(This is a great time to work on boosting your immune system, and set some routines in place to help prepare/carry you through the chilly winter months of “flu season,” by the way!)  You can also be gathering fresh herbs for preparing some of your own remedies, as well.

However, my natural first aid kit still gets used pretty often. Here are a few favorites that we have turned to regularly during this busy summer to soothe those owies.

  • Redmond Clay First Aid (or make your own with Redmond Clay Powder)– We’ve plopped this soothing paste onto the myriad scrapes our boys accumulate. The paste also works well on the various bites, blisters, and itches that our curious daughter gets during her gathering of wildflowers and explorations. It soothes and seems to help speed healing, without adding unnecessary antibiotics. We haven’t had any sunburns this year, but I think this would work, for those, too.
  • Nature’s Paradise Organic Coconut Baby Powder– My baby giggles with glee when I sprinkle this on after a hot, sweaty day. I dust his neck underneath those cute chubby chins (with teething drool), underarms, and diaper area to keep dampness and rashes away
  • Oregon’s Wild Harvest Tranquil Child Tincture– The light of these long summer days can make it hard to settle down at bedtime, when it still looks like daytime out the window! Plus, the excitement of fun summer gatherings can interfere with transitioning to dreamland. This seems to have made a difference from overtired- but awake- bedtime battles to taking the edge off of overexcitement for a more gentler bedtime atmosphere.
  • Boiron Arnica Gel– It’s the perfect remedy for all those big bumps (without broken skin scrapes).

What are your staples for those summertime owies?

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2 comments to Natural Summer First Aid for Children

  • Kelly Welch

    I don’t know if this is old news to you, but wayyyyyy before I had kids I read a newspaper article about “old wives tales and remedies” and they had a lot to say about putting raw onion on bee stings. I had to wait almost 20 years before I got to use it—my 7 year old stepped on a bee, and just had her hold a small amount of chopped up onion to it (my mom used to use baking soda and water, mixed into a paste). I was impressed—-no swelling, just a small red dot on the skin where the sting was. I also used this at a family 4th of July volleyball fest, when the volleyball flew out of bounds and into a hornets nest. The closest person got 5 stings, and the only onions were red onions…….but they worked just as well as the yellow onion I used before. He was back playing volleyball in 15 minutes! 2 weeks ago we were camping, and I was getting bit up by mosquitos, and thot I would see if onions could do anything for the itch…….oh, my goodness, the relief was amazing. We don’t have any bee sting allergies, but I make sure I have onion with me when we are out camping, it seems to really help after the bite or sting occurs!


  • My midwife made me drink gallons of coconut water after giving birth. It must be really great for rehydration, as you say!


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