Top 5 (Mostly) Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

Post by Contributing Writer, Beth

My dream road trip is to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. I would absolutely love to pack up and spontaneously just go, but life with three kiddos three and under (until my oldest turns four in a few weeks!) requires just a little more planning than that! One day we’ll get there, I’m sure.

We’ve recently become well-acquainted with careful trip planning. This summer we moved back to our hometown after living a couple thousand miles away. The day after my hubby drove into town with the moving truck (the kids and I flew), we hit the road together to head to a family wedding, two provinces away. Total travel for my hubby and our swagger wagon? Approximately 5,000 miles (yes, he’s tired!).

Can I just tell you… having a newborn, a two-year-old, and a four-year-old on a road trip is a sure-fire way to stretch fourteen hours of driving into three looooong (exhausting) days. To be honest, the only things that saved our sanity were the DVD player in the van and the big bag of snacks.

I know summer is drawing to a close and road-tripping season may be ending, but we bring snacks with us year-round when we leave the house for pretty well anything, so I’m guessing this will apply at any time. Here are our top five favourite snacks to bring on a trip to keep kids occupied and bellies filled with (non-junky) snacks. These are simple, classic favourites that my own kids totally love.

  1. Nuts & raisins … (There are endless add-ins for DIY trail mix)
  2. Fresh fruit & veggies … (Eat in the first day or two before it spoils – we love grapes, bananas, carrot sticks, and cucumber slices)
  3. Fruit leathers … (My kids totally think these are candy. You can make these homemade)
  4. Rice cakes/ crackers … (With peanut butter if you bring something to wipe little hands)
  5. Granola bars or chocolate macaroons … (or any other somewhat healthy baked good)

You can find a few of these recipes and many more in Healthy Snacks to Go (an amazing e-book from Kitchen Stewardship that I have and love). I also wrote a post on my blog called 100 Healthy Snack Ideas (Real-Food Style!), which has a little of something for everyone! Of course, Michele also has a great post right here on Frugal Granola, called Nourishing Portable Food, which is fantastic.

With all of these great ideas, you should be a little more prepared for your next road-trip.

Happy travels!

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Beth is a natural redhead, wife to a pilot husband and mama to (almost) 3 little ones. She is passionate about missions, motherhood, and finding the beauty in everyday life. She blogs from the Canadian prairies about the art and soul of audacious homemaking at Red & Honey.

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