Starting Preschool

My 3-year-old has been begging me to “do school” like his big sister, so we started preschool this week!

It has been fun to see previous year’s school budget investments pay off by being able to reuse some items for our second child (and saving them again for the third little one). How quickly they grow!

We are introducing letter sounds (similar to how his sister did) and number recognition/writing mostly at this point. He knows his colors and can count to 15 (20 on a super day).

We have the pretty alphabet cards from My Father’s World, which direct our theme for the week. I also refer to the free Letter A Week Preschool Curriculum site for ideas. I try to encourage a weekly Bible verse memorization, too.

He likes worksheets and sticker books, so I have a selection of dollar department books (matching, same/different, patterns, etc). He loves the Scarry Activity Book that he got for his birthday (we just skip the more advanced word puzzle pages at this point) and the Usborne sticker books.

The wipe-off books (along with the wipe-off crayons) have been a great option, rather than printing/purchasing worksheets. He also enjoys it when I photocopy a number writing sheet from his sister’s old Horizons K math Teacher’s Guide. (There is also a lesson plan guide in there, that I have referred to on occasion.)

I still often give him a busy bag/box at times during the day, too. He really enjoys puzzles, and we have both the Lauri letters (mostly to introduce the lower case letters) and the fun Melissa & Doug Alphabet Art wooden puzzle (for letter sound association.)

He goes to our AWANA Puggles group once a week, too.

Also, there is the assortment of library books, beeswax crayons & paper, music, and lots of outside play that preschool is made of!

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