DIY Seasonal Autumn Potpourri

Post by Contributing Writer, Katie

Spicy, sweet cinnamon mingling with nutmeg is the scent of autumn. I always feel warm and cozy as October rolls around. I enjoy being able to pull out my jeans, long sleeved shirts and socks again. I start to envision all the delightful fall time treats to make featuring pumpkin and squash. Everything about fall makes me excited!

Obviously I enjoy the smells of fall, but for practicality’s sake, I can’t have my oven going all hours of the day with baked goods just so I can breathe it all in and smile. Which I would do if it were at all possible.

There is a solution for having a house smell delightful all season long. You can make your own potpourri. You can fill a small crock pot or saucepot with fruit, pumpkin, spices or berries and let them simmer away, filling your house with the delicious spicy aroma.

I was inspired to make my own potpourri last year when I read an article by my friend Marillyn of Just Making Noise. She mentioned making a crock pot potpourri from oranges and spices. So simple!

I took the idea and ran with it.  Over last winter and now this fall I’ve been trying out different combinations. There is something warm and inviting about the smells of this time of year.

The format is very simple: pick either a fruit, berries or pumpkin, add spices and enough water to cover them. (A frugal option is to use the peels instead of the fruit.)

Simmer in a saucepot over low heat or in a crockpot on medium. Check every hour or so, adding more water as it evaporates. Turn off whenever you leave the house or go to bed. Discard the fruit about once a week. You can continue to use the spices for most of the season. You can also add in a few drops of essential oil if desired.

Here are some fragrance combinations to get you started. Do not let them limit you. Be creative and go with your favorite scents.  The amounts vary depending on the size of your saucepot or crockpot; in my experience the smaller the better.  I bought a small crockpot at Target for about $10. It is perfect for a small batch of oatmeal or crockpot potpourri.

Orange Spice


Apple Cider




Pumpkin Pie


What is your favorite fall aroma?

Katie is a dorm “mama” to 12 amazing girls ages 8 to 18 at a home and school for the Deaf in Baja California, Mexico. She and her “hijas” can be frequently found in the kitchen, the garden or making friends with their new chickens. She loves to read, hike the hills near her home and spend time with her girls. In her spare time Katie blogs at Mexican Wildflower about nourishing foods, herbal remedies, simple living, raising her girls and encouraging other women in their walk with Christ.

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