Fall Break

After about 6 weeks of our homeschooling this fall, we are now taking a “Fall Break” this week(since it was already on the calendar for our Classical Conversations group).

We are focusing on projects that have been set aside during busy days (especially during the times of having guests at our inn), and enjoying the arrival of the cooler autumn days. The rains have arrived, and we love hearing the sound of sparkling raindrops falling outside our windows.

We’ve been winterizing the outside of the house, scrubbing the inside, putting up the summer harvest┬áthat has been waiting in buckets, and pulling out the warm sweaters and pajamas.

Library trips have brought us bags full of new and old favorites to explore. (I overheard the nostalgic exclamation today that “it’s just like the old days,” when a favorite classical music CD from last winter was rediscovered!)

We are enjoying ministry and hospitality endeavors, sorting through paperwork that has piled up for months, planning for our winter business endeavors, mulling over some homemade Christmas gift ideas, and preparing for our baby’s next heart surgery soon.

We’re hoping for a bit of rest, some creativity, and plenty of family time.

How are your autumn/winter preparations going?

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