Right Now…

Right now, I am…

:: Settling into a cozy new chair, gifted to us from dear friends.

:: Wearing thick wool socks for the first time this autumn.

:: Hearing quiet baby breaths, with the little ones tucked into bed.

:: Refreshed after a long afternoon walk with my girl, pulling the red wagon for our errands and nature finds.

:: Diving into the first chapters of the Bible studies I have organized for the fall, using One Thousand Gifts and Mission of Motherhood.

:: Anticipating the last of our wild blackberries for breakfast (picked on our walk).

:: Blessed by sweet cards in the mail.

:: Counting the days until a much-needed family getaway in a few weeks.

:: Making lists for upcoming trips, groceries, homeschooling, kids seasonal clothing needs, house projects, Christmas gifts, etc.

:: Tasting a cup of ginger tea with lemon (no sore throat; it just sounded good!).

:: Preparing to host a bridal shower next weekend.

:: Enjoying the fall wreath I hung on our front door.

:: Reading Anything.

:: Smelling a hint of lavender from the baby’s bedtime routine.

:: Admiring the bouquets of yellow mums, from the armfuls given to us by a neighbor.

:: Planning for preserving the garden harvests of apples, zucchini, and cabbage waiting for me.

:: Dreaming of learning to knit.

:: Trying out a new braided hairstyle I saw on Pinterest.

I hope your day is full of blessings!

{inspired by soule mama}

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