Healthy Cranberry-Orange Smoothie

On a recent family trip to the coast, we loved driving past cranberry fields, and seeing a glimpse of their autumn harvest. It reminded me of one of my favorite fall treats- a cranberry-orange smoothie! As soon as I got home, I blended one up to accompany me on my errands. (Yes, I grabbed one of our recycled Eco-cups from our coffeehouse.)

It is a perfect seasonal way to boost your vitamin C and probiotics intake, as we prepare for winter. Cranberries and oranges are coming available, so as you stock up for Thanksgiving, pick up a little extra for this delicious drink!

I like mine on the tart side; if you prefer yours sweeter, feel free to add in a bit of your choice of sweetener.

Cranberry-Orange Smoothie

1 large naval Orange, peeled
1 Cup frozen Cranberries, organic
1/2 Cup Dairy or Non-Dairy Yogurt or Kefir
1/2 tsp real Vanilla Extract
1/2 tsp Almond Extract
Optional: Add a dash of Kombucha!

Add all ingredients to the blender. (Break the orange into a few smaller segments first, for easier mixing.) Blend well until fully combined, and you no longer see big pieces of cranberries. Serves 1-2.


Not a cranberry fan? Here is my favorite Orange Smoothie recipe!

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