And Now She is Six

My dear Gen girl,
Yes, I am writing your “special letter” tonight. It is fun to see that you are now old enough to remember the tradition, and to ask for your birthday letter this year! (Don’t worry sweetie, I haven’t forgotten.)

How quickly you are growing, my dear! You are reading books (and giggling at the jokes), playing board games with us, memorizing scads of verses and facts with an awe of your Creator and world, and you’re always quick to volunteer for helping with your baby brother. (Oh, you two early birds that greet each other with such joy… before the sun even rises!)

I loved seeing you share your birthday this year with a friend for the first time. It was a joy to see the two of you, wearing your favorite party clothes, giggling over the vintage cups of sparkling apple juice (with the bubbles tickling your noses), running races in the rain, collecting rocks in the mud, visiting the chickens, and crafting with yarn (in between bites of chocolate cake). What a milestone this is for you. I pray that God blesses you with a lifetime of deep friendships in the years to come, dear one.

Your love for art and music is so precious; I am excited to see how God develops these gifts in the coming years. (But please stop drawing on the furniture.) I’ll keep coloring with you.

You inspire me daily to appreciate the gifts God gives us each day, and to enjoy Him. Thank you for calling me to see the sunrises out the window, the moon glowing above the trees, the stars sparkling in the sky, the blooming of fresh herbs in the garden, and the beauty of new songs.

Oh, my dear, I see you are starting to sprout new wings in life. But stay close a bit longer; close enough to hear your Daddy’s words teaching you how to be loved, your Mama’s whispers guiding you in the walk of a lady, your brothers’ honorable acts of valor for you in their budding knighthood as you play together. The years ahead will be incredible.

You are a blessing to our family. And, have fun wearing those new shoes, on your date with Daddy to the Nutcracker Ballet!

Happy Birthday!
Mom & Dad

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