Entrustment and Other Made-Up Words

Post contributed by Calvin, in honor of Michele’s birthday and our 10th wedding anniversary this week.

As I was sitting in the dark, keeping drowsy children company as they fell asleep, some thoughts came to mind. They kept crossing each others’ paths, like acrobatic birds who swoop through the evening sky. I’ll lay these thoughts out individually, then attempt to weave them together into something useful.

Entrust –

It’s a word rich in meaning that has recently been laid across my thoughts. Webster’s Dictionary says it means “to deliver something to someone in trust”.

Entrustment comes after all the factors have been considered. Entrustment comes with weight. It comes with responsibility. You simply give a child a penny. You entrust your daughter to her groom.

We’ve been given treasures. Creation, bodies, spouses, children, communites, each other. The list is extensive, but full of what it is to be human. Somebody considered all the ramifications and consequences, and entrusted us with treasures.

We are treasures –

Birthdays have also been on my mind lately. Gen Girl just had one. Michele’s is Saturday. I think birthdays are meant to remind us that just as we have this responsiblity to hold these things in trust, we are also the treasure given.

Think about it; from the moment we were blown upon the earth at birth, we have been given to someone to care for. Parents and teachers, spouses and friends, Church and Christ. We heap so much trouble upon our own heads when we believe we aren’t treasures anymore, and try to live in independence.

I used to think of entrustment as a dry, legal term. I now think it was meant to be the atmosphere that surrounds and sustains our relationships. As a guy, I look and see my wife, who will be celebrating her “entrustment day” this weekend.

I tend to think in my guyishness (new word) “Ok, I’ll get the job done for you, God. Thanks for entrusting me with her.” No. My walk with Michele is meant to be a joyful celebration of each other’s treasure-ness. (Another new word.) We are treasured, so we’re entrusted to each other.

Michele, 31 years ago you were beautifully crafted. Actually, you keep growing in your beauty. Ten years ago, we were entrusted to one another. What a Joy! I want to snuggle in to living the rest of your life with you.

God on purpose gave you to me, and me to you. Why would He do such a thing? It’s been a blast finding that out with you! I love celebrating who you are. And I’m looking forward to celebrating our entrustment to each other.

I love you.
Calvin is a dad of three munchkins and the husband of his Lover and Editor, Michele. He likes hanging out with kids while showing them God’s extravagance. He roams his community at night as a volunteer firefighter & EMT. By day, he owns and operates a sustainable, real food Bed & Breakfast and Coffeehouse in the Pacific Northwest.

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