Handmade Gift Idea: Sweet Rice Gift Jar

Post by Contributing Writer, Holly

About six weeks ago, I decided I would get serious about shedding some pounds. (I so love my sweets and cheesy food!) I’m so happy to say that the Lord has helped keep me motivated. Usually, my desire for food far outweighs my desire to get back to my pre-married weight.

These past six weeks, with the obvious exception of Thanksgiving and special ocassions, I’ve stuck to a special diet I created for myself. One important thing I’ve done is remove most desserts from my diet – that’s a HUGE deal for me! Once I shed “some” 😉 pounds, the plan is to add the foods back into my diet, but with moderation.

I’ve carefully given myself some very specific “allowances,” to keep me sane. For instance, although I don’t eat anything classified as a dessert, I do allow myself sweet drinks. I also allow myself some brown sugar in my oatmeal, that sort of thing. Okay, I think you’ve got the picture.

So, I was pleased to find a way of eating something healthy, but with a little sweet twist to it, AND it not really be considered a dessert. It can also be turned into an adorable Christmas Mason gift jar.

What You Need:

  1. Mason Jar
  2. Brown Rice
  3. Dried Cranberries
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. Burlap
  6. Sandwich Baggie
  7. Scissors
  8. Twisty Tie (I used some hemp cord.)

A Few Notes:

Be aware: burlap gets a little messy, once cut. It’s something I just learned. It’s not like regular material. You’re literally working with sections of strings. You could also remove a number of the strings and use those, instead, as a bow. (The burlap strings in the photo were simply removed from the burlap material.) It might give it a little softer look.

The recipient will need to simply scoop out the cranberries from the top of the jar, and then proceed to cook the rice. (Add a tag or label with cooking instructions, just in case.) After I had made mine, I wondered if it might have turned out okay if the cranberries were cooked with the rice. Not sure, but it’s something to consider.

Michele’s note: This is has been one of our family’s favorite breakfasts for years! We like to add cinnamon to ours, too, and sometimes chopped nuts and/or coconut.

Do you have some healthy meal ideas that can serve as gift jars AND help someone with a sweet tooth? :)

Holly is a wife to her loving husband, John, and a “mother” of 3 canine “children.” She loves sharing her faith, gardening, and fascination and appreciation of animals (birds, bats, butterflies, and the cute furry ones too) over at Your Gardening Friend.

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4 comments to Handmade Gift Idea: Sweet Rice Gift Jar

  • Angie

    Ummm, could you maybe list the amounts of the rice and cranberries?? It will make, making this gift a little easier.


    Holly Reply:

    Sorry about that. It’s really a matter of personal preference. Some people might like a LOT of cranberries in their rice, while others might prefer just a little. If I were making the gift for myself, I’d probably fill the jar 1/2 with rice and 1/2 with cranberries. In preparing the rice, it requires 1 part rice and 2 parts water. Since the rice expands, you end up with a large portion of rice.

    I hope that helps. :)


  • Heather

    That jar is adorable. I really need to cut some sweets out. It seems like that’s all I’ve eaten since before Halloween. I’ll have to try rice with cranberries.


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