Handmade Gifts: Felt Toy First Aid Bandage Kit

A homemade gift that has been endlessly played with since last Christmas is our felt toy bandage kit. All the teddy bears and dolls’ owies have been attended to regularly.

(You can see from the photo that ours are starting to get a bit “fuzzy” from all the use!) Just a warning, these actually look pretty realistic when tossed onto the floor. I am continually starting to say, “Ew, who left their band-aid on the floor?!” before I realize it’s just the toy that fooled me again.

I was inspired by the idea from Pink & Green Mama. I had felt scraps already on hand (from the quiet busy book gift), plus a bit of velcro, so this was a super, quick stocking stuffer!

I also stitched up a simple little pocket case for the toy bandages out of more felt. I cut out and sewed on a little red cross shape, attached a velcro closure, and then folded the felt up (inside out). I sewed up each side, and then turned it right side out.

This toy bandage kit has also been a nice quiet toy to accompany us in our travel/church bag for quiet play in the car or at church.

My children actually weren’t all that impressed with the toy when they first opened it amid all the other glitter and excitement of Christmas. (“Huh. Band-aids.”) But since then, it has been an important part of their imaginative play! (And, it has been a frugal solution to the problem of finding our real bandages stuck onto the fuzzy toys!)

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