January Days

These chilly January days have been perfect for grasping moments here and there.

The entrance of a new year has me eyeing the fleeting time of my little ones’ childhood. So quickly they grow and move on to new interests and abilities!

Our days are full, with projects at the inn (the next season is swiftly approaching!), returning to ministry and homeschool schedules after an extended break, and yet looking for space to rest.

We’ve had lots of requests for hot baths, stories of knighthood and princesses, the music of ballerinas, inspiration from the seed catalogs, experiments in cooking, and inspection of icy puddles in the driveway.

The library book shelf is overflowing, and everyone snatches spare moments to browse a few pages. A thrift store trip produced some new art supplies- to be revealed at undetermined moments, as of yet, in anticipation of rainy days to come.

The baby is almost 10-months-old now, and giggles his way around the house, speeding on all fours into everything! (His favorite spot is still the Ergo baby carrier, though.) He has figured out how to go up the stairs, munches away happily on food off of our plates (yet still no teeth!), attempts to say a few words here and there, and already is “all boy” driving toy trucks with the appropriate sound effects.

How are your January days?

Spend some time savoring those moments; roll out some dough, splash some paint, turn some pages, and listen to the giggles.

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