Pain Redeemed

Sometimes picking up a book means having to revisit your own story… a past you’ve packaged up; hurts and joys reappear with their lessons; and the tears fall again. This was my experience in reading Natasha’s book, Pain Redeemed. Her beautifully-crafted words transparently reveal her journey with an incredible message.

I read it all in one evening; I couldn’t put it down. (But in the back of my mind, knowing that this is a book I would want to slowly re-read and savor.)

Most of the emotions, lessons, and questions she so honestly journals could have come from a page of my own years ago (but never wrote down). Oh, I’m so glad she did put pen to paper, walked the tiring road of an author, and poured out the jewels of her words (and His!) for us.

If you are in a season of journeying through dark days, waiting for that promised morning to arrive (whether it is infertility or another grief), I highly recommend Pain Redeemed, and I pray that you will experience our Lord’s miraculous redemption in your life as well.


Guest post by Natasha Metzler

Infertility was the last word I expected to describe me. It was a word that meant barren, like a wasteland, something left to wither and die with unfulfilled dreams. And I had a lot of dreams.

When the doctor shook her head sadly, I found myself wallowing in weakness. I tried to be strong but everything stuffed deep-down exploded and I was left cringing in horror as fear scraped through my life.

Depression seems too mild a word at times.

Children were denied me and my soul cried in agony. I beat the door of heaven until my hands were raw and bleeding. And silence echoed.

And there, with my head bowed low and my hands dripping blood, I finally broke. I blinked away tears as I poured through Scripture, searching for hope.

And I found Him. Not in the fluttering way that I had known Him before. In a new way. A way that dipped from my head to my heart to my bones.

He is. And I finally recognized that I was not.

He began stirring something in me, different that anything I had heard before. Every time I turned the pages of my Bible, one word kept jumping out. Redemption. And the part that struck me was the promise that redemption was for today.

I gathered up my broken dreams, all the sorrows that painted my life, and asked God, “How can you redeem this?”

Pain Redeemed {when our deepest sorrows meet God} is my story. It is a gathering of the pieces, some of them still raw and bleeding, and laying them out to be examined. God does not flinch at pain. Not the way we do. And His presence still leaves me stilled with humbleness.

The heart of this book is to redefine our view of pain. To stare it right in the face and force our eyes to God, who stands fearlessly in the midst.

Natasha Metzler lives with her husband on a dairy farm in Northern New York. She is continuing to learn how to embrace the miracle of serving a God who redeems. You can find her blogging at

Michele’s Disclosure: I chose to become an affiliate of this book because I love it so much. This means I may earn a small commission if you choose to make a purchase through my links. Thank you for your support. I received a copy of this book for review purposes, and now I highly recommend it! All opinions are my own, and this is an uncompensated post.
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