Redeeming Childbirth

Going through the journeys of pregnancies and childbirth have been transformative for me. Each time, it has been a refining, deepening season of faith and, most of all, surrender.

I have chosen to give God everything in my life (oh, yes, there are times when I am reminded of something I’ve selfishly held back, yet again!). Most poignantly, I purposefully choose to place my children in His hands; to trust Him for His best in their lives.

Just the act of birthing these little ones is an incredible walk of surrender. As that final stage of labor wells up, and those waves of birth pangs are so strong, He holds me fast, embracing me in His presence.

I know I cannot go through this intensity on my own. In utter vulnerability and humility, I give Him that last thread of strength and pride I think I own. And, then, in that moment, my Lord who endured the Cross, Who spoke my little one into being, pours His strength and grace upon me. In the midst of His all-surpassing peace, those sweet babies wriggle into their Daddy’s hands for their first breath.

Angie Tolpin’s new book, Redeeming Childbirth, is so full of truth and encouragement for this miraculous time. Watch the video here for a quick overview:

No matter where or how you choose to bring your babies into the world, I urge you to invite the Lord to be part of that experience. Let Him redeem it from what has often been viewed as a fearful or painful time, and to give testimony of His grace. Be an encourager of other women going through this journey, instead of speaking divisive or destructive words of pain, burden, or fear.

To celebrate the launch of this new book there is a big giveaway going on today (giving away an ipad mini!) on the Redeeming Childbirth blog.

By the way, I loved reading that Barbara Harper of Waterbirth International, and author of another of my favorite gentle birth inspiration books, was Angie’s midwife! There is a sweet little anecdotal forward from her, as she remembers prayerfully being in the labor room with Angie.

Buy the Book Here

Just for fun, you can read my birth stories here: Enoch’s Birth Story and Haven’s Birth Story.

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3 comments to Redeeming Childbirth

  • Michelle,
    Very nicely written! I look forward to coming back and reading your birth stories more. We seem very much like-minded. If you would like to share your birth story on the RC site after the launch let me know!

    Thanks for uniting with us to bring this message of unity and strength in the Lord to the world.



  • Thank you, Angie, for the wonderful book! You are welcome to post the links to our birth stories. (Perhaps just an excerpt with a link to read the rest, since they’re already posted in their entirety here on Frugal Granola?)

    Also, I sent you an email the other night, through a contact link on your website regarding our women’s ministry event in March. I’m hoping that went through ok. I know you’re super busy with the book launch, but I’d love to hear from you when you have a chance. :)



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