12 Creative Uses For Orange Peels


Post by Contributing Writer, Katie

Orange trees surround my area. Just down the street there is a whole citrus grove where I can pick as many as I would like. My girls and I eat them everyday! That leaves us with lots of orange peels.

Orange peels have so many exciting possibility. To can eat them, clean with them, you get the idea… Here are 12 creative uses for the peels that you not have heard of before.

1. Crock Pot Potpourri

Throw a few peels and a couple sticks of cinnamon in a small crock pot and you will soon have a house filled with the pleasant aroma.

2. Candied Orange Peels

I would never have thought that candied orange peels could taste so good. I have tried two equally good recipes from two of my favorite blogs, Mare from Just Making Noise has a delicious Candied Orange Spice Peels. I’ve used them on my Rosca de Reys (Three Kings Cake) before. Kimi from The Nourishing Gourmet has a Scrumptious Candied Citrus Peel.

3. Orange Extract

Canning jar, orange peels and vodka, it doesn’t get any easier than that.

4. Orange Cleaner

Vinegar is my favorite cleaning products. I use it in my 3-in-1 All Purpose Household Cleaner scented with essential oils. You can forgo the essential oils by making your own cleaner out of orange peels and white vinegar.


5. Get Rid of Ants

Blend some orange peels and water to gether to make a thick slush. Pour it down an ant hill to kill the colony. Repeat if necessary.

6. Orange Kindling

The flammable oils in orange peels alow them to burn longer than paper.

7. Orange Oil

Fill a jar with orange peel and cover with olive oil. Steep for a few weeks, you will have a fragrant salad and cooking oil.

9. Orange Tea

Next time you have a cup tea add a few dried orange peels to the tea.


10. Orange Zest

Who doesn’t love to add orange zest to things? I add it to my scones, short bread, sorbet…

11. Freshen the Garbage Disposal

When you garbage disposal is smelling bad run a few orange peels through for a fresh, clean scent!

12. Slug Replant

Sprinkle orange peels around our garden to deter slugs.

How do you use orange peels?

Katie is a dorm “mama” to 12 amazing girls ages 8 to 18 at a home and school for the Deaf in Baja California, Mexico. She and her “hijas” can be frequently found in the kitchen, the garden or making friends with their new chickens. She loves to read, hike the hills near her home and spend time with her girls. In her spare time Katie blogs at Nourishing Simplicity about nourishing foods, herbal remedies, simple living, raising her girls and encouraging other women in their walk with Christ.

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