5 Tips for Making Breakfast Special

Since we run a bed & breakfast, we love making breakfasts extra special. Here are a few simple little touches that are perfect for when you want to surprise your sweetie with breakfast in bed, serve brunch guests, or celebrate a birthday/holiday.

    Whipped Cream

If you’re cautious of sugar in your diet, this really doesn’t have to be sweetened much at all! We love the health benefits of using raw cream for our family, but a good organic cream is good, too, if that’s all you have available. (If you’re eating dairy-free, use cold coconut cream instead.)

Just put a little into a bowl, and whip it up with a handheld mixer. (My 6-year-old lives handling this job!) Sprinkle in a little raw sugar and vanilla if desired. Use it to top a bowl of berries, whole grain waffles, a soufflé, or a yogurt/granola parfait. It just gives anything that “little something special party feel.”

    Sprinkle a Garnish

This only takes a couple seconds, but makes everything look a little fancier. Sprinkle some smoked paprika over the pan-fried potatoes, some sharp cheese and/or bright green parsley over the eggs, cinnamon on the bowls of oatmeal, or a tiny pinch of cocoa on the whipped cream, for example.

    Homemade Syrups/Toppings

These actually aren’t too time-consuming to make. We always serve homemade syrups at the inn with pancakes or waffles, and it is simple to keep the syrup simmering away on a back burner while we finish preparing breakfasts for a crowd.

Choose a seasonal fruit, or toss in some berries from the freezer. Chop up apples or peaches, and mix in a bit of cider and cinnamon, mix orange juice with berries, or prep an easy lemon curd the night before. Warm on the stove until heated through and fruits are softened, then sweeten as desired (perhaps a bit of raw honey?). Thicken sauces with cornstarch or arrowroot powder, or just serve a raw fruit mixture as a topping.

    Serve an Appetizer

If breakfast needs to bake for awhile, start the morning by putting out a dish of berries or orange slices to munch on, along with a cup of tea or warm milk. It’ll feel like a special treat, you’ll help stave off the starving children, and it can be an enjoyable start of the day together.

    Use the Pretty Dishes

Plate up the eggs on the wedding china, scoop the berries and yogurt into stemmed glassware, or serve the syrup in a pretty thrifted dish. They don’t have to match, but it will feel more special than that old plastic bowl covered in cartoon characters.

What’s your favorite breakfast treat?

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