Crunchy Mamas {Natural Beauty} Giveaway!

Living simply, I don’t like to keep a huge assortment of cosmetic items around, cluttering up the house and my routine. This month I will be sharing some of my favorite natural items for our household. To kick it off, I’m thrilled to introduce the Crunchy Mamas shop!

Made locally to me (on the West coast), these mama-made items are blended with wonderful organic oils and other ingredients. (You can meet the mamas behind all this goodness here.)

During these dry winter months (with heaters going, and blustery winds outside), I had been wanting a good solution for my skin (which has also been going through some postpartum changes lately). Oh, and my honest little girl had announced that I might have some wrinkles starting to appear, too. (Gee, thanks.)

I am absolutely loving the Smelly Face Serum! I no longer have the irritating dry spots, and I feel like my skin is feeling/looking more nourished, after just a couple weeks of use. Since I still get up in the night with a baby, I’m hoping it is helping with some of the “sleepless nights circles” under my eyes. (Obviously, if this is an ongoing major issue for you, make sure you’ve checked out your diet for any deficiencies or allergies, too.)

It contains the exact oils I would recommend also, if you’re trying to deal with any acne scars or other skin conditions. From a frugal standpoint, I am thrilled that it works so quickly. That means I don’t need to purchase much to see results, and it should last me for quite awhile! (I’ve just used one tiny little “spray” of the serum for an application at bedtime.)

Ashley, from Crunchy Mamas writes, too:

“Also, with Smelly Face, we like to let people know that because this stuff is so awesome and works quickly, you may notice your skin starts to “shed.”  The oils that we use repair your skin and you may have this response.  That is why we recommend you exfoliate once a week…or two.”

While I’m away from home, one of the staples in our car/diaper bag is a bottle of hand sanitizer. I’m not necessarily a germophobe, and avoid chemical antibacterial products.

But after changing a baby’s diaper on an outing, it seems wise to wash my hands before handing out the children’s lunch. Plus, having a baby with a heart condition, and in and out of hospitals/doctors’ offices has made us a bit more cautious. (But you know if we do catch something, I usually have a natural remedy up my sleeve!)

A nice spray of Crunchy Mama’s Hand Sanitizer is a lovely way to freshen up my mama hands. It’s no secret that I love lavender and lemon around here, so I’ve been using the Lavender-Lemon blend, but her Grapefruit version sounds awesome, too.

And, of course, every purse needs a lip balm tucked into the pocket! I think the Ginger one would be perfect if you’re an expectant mama with some queasiness, or if someone is feeling icky on a car trip.

My daughter snatched up the Mint Lip Balm right away, and I’m pleased that it is all natural ingredients. She, however, is thrilled that it tastes like “Mint Cookies!!” (We mixed up a batch of peppermint meringue cookies as party favors awhile ago, and apparently that what her new favorite lip balm reminds her of.)

Stashed in my herbal remedies box is a tube of Vapor Rub. I really like having it in a tube for application, so it doesn’t end up all over me, when I apply it to children’s feet at bedtime. It has worked well for some little sniffles so far (but causes lots of giggling due to ticklish feet!). It is definitely a staple remedy this time of year, (and a great-priced option, if you cannot purchase all the quality oils to prepare your own.)


Enter to win your own set of Crunchy Mama items (including the Smelly Face Serum, Hand Sanitizer, Vapor Rub, and Lip Balms)!

(Scents/flavors may vary in the winner’s package, depending on what’s in stock.) Just enter your info in the entry form below, and leave a comment on this blog post letting us know which Crunchy Mamas product you’d most like to try (browse their website for the full selection)!
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No purchase necessary. This post is sponsored by Crunchy Mamas, but all opinions are my own. I received sample products for review purposes. Giveaway ends 2/20/2013. Winner will be randomly selected by Rafflecopter.
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