Homemade Green Tea & Rose Facial Toner

As I mentioned earlier, I’m sharing some of my simple cosmetics with you this month. At the end of the day, when I wash up, I like to use a bit of homemade toner (with my favorite rose water!). It removes any lingering makeup, if I wore any that day, and feels great. (Then I apply the moisturizing oil.)

This mixture is full of nourishing ingredients for any type of skin.

Green Tea & Rose Facial Toner

1 Green Tea bag (about 1 tsp tea)
1/2 Cup Distilled Hot Water
2 Tbl. Witch Hazel liquid
2 Tbl. Rose Water
1/4 tsp. Glycerin
10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Steep the tea for a few minutes, and then let cool. Pour all ingredients into a jar and shake or stir to combine.

I like to keep mine in a repurposed spray bottle. Or, you can just pour some onto a cosmetic cloth and dab some on your face. Mountain Rose Herbs also sells “finger mister” sprayers to turn a little jar into a spray bottle (in their miscellaneous container section).

If applying with a spray bottle, make sure not to get it in your eyes!

I haven’t had any problems with this spoiling, but make sure you store it in a cool place, or even refrigerate it, if that is a concern. Making sure to use distilled water helps prevent spoilage, along with the essential oil.

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