Homemade No-Waste Valentines

As much as I love giving and receiving mail, I wanted give my children something that wouldn’t just end up in the recycling bin hours later. (At ages 2 1/2 and 5 years-old at the time, their attention span wasn’t very long.)

So, last year for Valentine’s Day, I gave them “reusable” love notes. These sweet little card & envelope sets are made completely of felt, inspired by these DIY Valentines.

The cards were just small rectangles of ivory felt, cut out with pinking shears. For the “girl” set, I used glittery rickrack from the clearance bin for the “address” section on the envelope, and glittery felt for the hearts on the card. The “boy” set just uses the basic dark red felt for the hearts and yellow for the envelope.

All the felt pieces were scraps from various other projects, such as the Quiet Busy Book gift.

For the envelopes, instead of the pattern here, I just cut out a long rectangle of the felt. Then, laying it down vertically, I folded up the bottom halfway to make the envelope pocket, and trimmed it with pinking shears. I sewed the sides closed with the sewing machine.

For the top closure, I just made a rounded triangular shape on the top (see photo above). There isn’t a way to actually attach/close the envelope, but the felt somewhat sticks to itself for temporary play when you fold over the top.

Instead of stitching/writing words, I just used the zig-zag stitch on my sewing machine to make pretend writing. This has been fabulous for encouraging imagination! These get played with regularly, and they vary as all sorts of mail in their imaginary games.

The pretend stamps on the envelopes were small pieces of ivory felt, cut with pinking shears, and then a small heart stitched on top.

A year later, they are still fun and in great condition!

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