My Favorite Green Smoothie Recipe

Post by Contributing Writer, Beth

I’ve been making this same green smoothie for years now. It is so perfectly sweet and satisfying, even with a ton of spinach in it! I love packing the greens in, knowing that it’s going to taste like dessert, yet be a highly nutritious snack at the same time.

Green smoothies come in all shapes and sizes (and shades! This one’s a more pinkish-green due to the raspberries). There are as many green smoothie recipes out there as you can imagine, or maybe more! This one is simple and easy, and will pass the test of any veggie-hater. You can’t taste the spinach, I swear!

I don’t really measure, so this is all totally easily adaptable to your favorite ingredients. Green smoothies are great for experimenting! Add an apple! Try a different kind of green! Throw a celery stalk or a cucumber in! Seriously, it’s difficult to mess one of these up.

Here’s what I use:

2 big handfuls of raw organic baby spinach (around 4 cups if you measure, or even more)
1 banana
1 cup or so of frozen raspberries
a big glop of yoghurt (probably 1/2 cup or so?)
enough water to make it the consistency you like

Blend all together until smooth, and enjoy!

What are your favorite smoothie ingredients?

Beth blogs at Red & Honey, a lifestyle blog for the naturally-minded homemaker. She recently began a passionate love affair with coffee and her life will never be the same. She has had three babies in less than four years, is a professional laundry-avoider, and loves to stay up way too late making weird stuff from scratch that normal people tend to just buy in a store. Hence, the coffee.

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