Natural Beauty Routine

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Since posting about some of my favorite cosmetics lately, I’ve received inquiries about the rest of my routine. To fill in the gaps, here it is!

We run businesses out of our home, so every day is a “work day” for us. Therefore, I need to have a somewhat professional appearance when working with the public (no sweats/pajamas and uncombed hair for this mama!).

However, in addition to our work, I am a homeschooling mama of little ones, so I can’t spend much time on hairstyles or detailed beauty routines during this season. So, I keep it pretty basic and manageable.



  • Rinse face with warm water
  • (Shower and quick blow-dry hair every other day)
  • Brush hair (leave down or put in a clip)
  • Apply neutral-colored natural makeup



  • A soak in the tub with Epsom salts and essential oils
  • Use Facial Clay Mud from Redmond Trading (instead of usual foaming face wash)
  • Moisturize with a neutral body massage oil


Maintaining health is another important daily element.

Stay hydrated (drink lots of water!), perhaps choose a nourishing herbal tea instead of coffee, snack on nourishing foods instead of sweets, rest (nap when possible, and try not to stay up too late), take your vitamins/supplements, and don’t forget the spiritual! (I tend to exude a more attractive, joyful countenance after some prayer and Bible-reading time.)

Do you have a routine? What are your favorites?

This post is sponsored by Redeeming Beauty, who knows that “Beauty is more than skin deep!” I received sample products for review, and highly recommend them! All opinions are my own.

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