5 Frugal Easter Basket Stuffers {Without the Candy}

For Easter, our family doesn’t go “overboard” on the gift-giving. (Our children usually share a small gift basket/bag.) We like to keep the focus on the Resurrection, but love having a small gift to celebrate with them.

We prefer not to buy “clutter” such as flimsy plastic toys, random stuffed animals, or processed sugar treats. Here are a few of our frugal favorites:

Art Supplies

I usually look over our school/art supply cabinet this time of year, and see if anything is running low. A few little art supplies last longer than a bit of candy, but are still inexpensive. A small box of crayons, colored pencils, stickers, or (this year’s choice) little watercolor paints.

Thrift Store Books

I frequently browse the thrift store and library sales racks for fun books in good condition. I have found some good classics, little board books for babies (such as Sandra Boynton), and even replacements for well-loved (and worn-out!) favorites. I usually spend about 10-50 cents per book.


My kids love fruit just as if it was candy. We splurge a bit, and find something fun that isn’t always in our fruit basket, such as a mango or kiwi (it’s even egg-shaped!).

Homemade Snacks

These grain-free Fudge Balls are a fun treat for snack or dessert; especially if you are wanting to add a healthier (but still chocolate) option.

Homemade Play Dough

This fun dough, scented with natural oils and made with gluten-free ingredients appears at many of our holidays!

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