A Missions Night

This past week, we had the privilege of hosting a missionary in our home. It was a joy to hear from her heart, full of prayers and experiences. She spoke of plans and dreams, and reminded us of our own, buried deep in our hearts, as well.

Over cups of chai (find a recipe in this book!), and with candlelight, she confided portions of her story, the journey that has taken her through an undisclosed country, and across the world. She offers her hands of healing to hurting little ones and their families’ aching hearts, and shows them new Life.

This sweet missionary also blessed women in our own community during her visit with a fun night of story-telling, hushed-but-fervent prayers, a demonstration of scarves, and henna. Each design holds a story- a reminder of the Truth, wrapped up in a cultural norm. (The design on my hand in the photo shows the Genesis account of creation, which coincidentally has been a perfect addition to teaching my preschooler his lessons!)

My little girl and her friends soaked it all in, whispering their own prayers of innocence for women across the globe, dressing up in their new dupatta scarves again and again for days following, giggling over the special gift of pretty bracelets, and telling the henna stories, once again part of the timeless fellowship of women.

What an unforgettable gift.

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