Celebrating a Year

My dear baby boy,
What a year it has been since God blessed us with your sweet birth (just in time for lunch, of course)!

Your exuberance for life, curiosity, and focused dedication are obvious to everyone around you. Your joy overflows, and reminds us all of God’s gracious hand upon your life.

I know that He holds your heart and your future in His hands, so I will cling to the joy of today, and not borrow worry for tomorrow. Each day with you is a precious gift, my son, and I rejoice at celebrating your first birthday!

You are constantly in motion, speed-crawling and cruising, keeping us on the run, from one mini disaster to another (broken dishes, spilled spices, scattered papers, broken library materials… you’re getting a reputation, I think). Oh, but your giggles of hilarity are just what we need each day.

It is so fun to see you celebrate each moment, clapping and cheering for joy, wholeheartedly playing with your siblings, and your serious dedication to checking on the backyard chickens everyday. (Those “chick-chicks” don’t know what to make of you, though!)

I am so thankful for you.

(Oh, by the way, those snacks that you call cookies? They’re actually homemade beef jerky. But I’m glad they’re your favorite snack. Thanks for sharing.)

Mama & Dada

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