Homemade “Socktopus” Toy

My three-year-old had so much fun making a gift for his big sister! (And then she later made one for him, too.)

We decided put those lonely socks to use, leftover from losing one out the car window, in the grocery store, etc. (Do you ever have the problem of losing socks in the laundry?)

We found a cute heart-print sock that was too adorable to discard, so we turned it into a fun little toy octopus! Inspired by this photo on Pinterest, we set to work.

He stuffed the sock with terry cloth scraps (left from making baby wipes), and then I sewed the sock closed (about in the middle; scrunch it up a bit) real quickly on the sewing machine. (For the boy’s gift, my 6-year-old was able to sew it herself.)

Then, we snipped the remainder of the sock into strands of dangly “legs”. (It will probably have more than eight legs.) To finish it up, we cut out circles from scraps of felt, and hot glued them on for eyes.

Now it’s a “Socktopus!” (and no more lonely socks floating around my laundry room… for now…)

It has been the perfect small toy for tucking into a travel/car or church bag, and small enough for little hands to squish.

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