Essential Oil Remedies for Croup

It seemed almost routine for awhile; that dreaded barky cough appearing in late winter or early spring, even though we tried to stay healthy, and take our immune-boosting supplements.

The natural remedies were stocked in our medicine box, and have worked well. But it still felt a bit like we were waiting it out; that each time we tucked our little ones into bed at night, we just clung to hope that it wouldn’t another long night.

This past winter, I finally got more proactive in using essential oils. I’ve had a handful of basics for years, but I decided to add to my essential collection, and increase our options for nourishing our family.

Croup is always at the top of childhood concerns for us. (One child in particular, tends to get it whenever there is a cold virus going around the neighborhood, along with being inside more with dry, heated air.)

But this winter? We beat it.

As soon as the typical signs appeared that made me think we were in for a night of croup with one or more children, I put our essential oils to use.

Here are the options I used:

I started with a Lavender Essential Oil Massage (dilute in a carrier oil; I use apricot kernel oil or coconut oil) at bedtime, focusing on the back, chest, and soles of the feet.

Then, I made sure I had a diffuser going with essential oils. (If you have a vaporizer or something similar, try that, if you need to.) I used the following:

  • Marjoram, and/or
  • Sandalwood,

I’ve also heard that you can use Ravensara or Thyme, but I didn’t have those on hand. (If the child is already fighting off a cold/flu, those may help in that, too.)

and, I always included:

  • Lavender
  • Lemon

If they are dealing with congestion, I usually include:

  • Eucalyptus

If I feel they may need a little extra help settling and resting, I add a little Roman Chamomile, too, along with the lavender.

Some essential oil companies offer synergistic blends tailored for children, bedtime, etc that can include these various oils in a convenient and affordable bottle. Make sure you use therapeutic quality oils for best effectiveness and safety.

You can see the rest of our Natural Remedies for Croup here

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