Frugal Wellness {Should I Take a Supplement?}

While visiting with a friend the other day, she and I were comparing thoughts (as naturally-minded mamas do), on various family health needs, remedies, and supplements (and how to get the kids to take them).

There’s always a balance, isn’t there? We want to nourish our families for optimal health, to provide them with nutrients to sustain their health and boost immunity.

However, neither one of us was thrilled with the idea of just adding onto a collection of supplement pill bottles. It wasn’t friendly to our budget, and didn’t seem very sustainable and nourishing in the long run.

We try to set priorities, being aware of seasons in our family life. Are children going through a growth spurt? Are we accommodating a pregnant mama? Are there seasonal illnesses or chronic health conditions to consider? What is the weather like (are you getting sunshine and fresh veggies from a garden with rich soil)? Are you traveling?

It won’t look the same for each family (or even each member of the family!).

We budget for assisting our families in wellness, stocking our first aid kits with nourishing essential oils, probiotics, natural oil-based salves, homeopathic treatments, and herbal tinctures. (Want some of my remedies? I put them in this eBook.)

As much as we can, we make our own products to stretch the budget, and tailor the ingredients.

Need more probiotics? Keep the batches of kombucha, kefir, yogurt, and lactofermented sauerkraut & chutneys brewing!

Dried herbs are easily combined to make tinctures, teas, baths, lozenges, and salves to soothe and meet nutritional needs.

We also balance the budget with our groceries. Skipping the bags of sugar helps us afford soy-free chicken feed for our backyard chickens (who give us nutrient-dense eggs!), passing by most packaged convenience foods (with questionable additives) helps me support a local grass-fed beef farm (and gives our family extra minerals when I make stock from the soup bones).

It all benefits my family in the long run, when I’m dishing up their meals. (Serving this real, nutrient-rich food means less of a need for supplements or medications.)

Staple supplements we both rely upon are Vitamin D (necessary here in the Northwest) and an oil rich in Omega 3’s. I’m regularly researching, comparing brands, and evaluating our family’s needs and responses. Currently, we are using a Krill Oil supplement.

The oil seems to be having good benefits, and is rich in nutrients needed for our babies. We have used fish oil before, and this comparison looked promising. (Personally, I am appreciating more energy and fewer aches- and no fishy taste!)

Honestly, it is an ongoing journey of research, trial & error, and adjustments, of balancing price and quality, setting goals, and discovery. Sometimes it means “baby steps” of transition (getting used to new flavors or routines), gradually saving up to invest in a bulk purchase, or learning new preparation skills and recipes.

We’re not all at the same place at the same time. That’s ok.

Where are you in your journey?

This post is sponsored by Viva Labs. All opinions are my own. I received sample product for review purposes, but was not required to give a positive review. It is just part of our family’s health routine right now.

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2 comments to Frugal Wellness {Should I Take a Supplement?}

  • Jamie

    I really appreciate your blog, thanks for sharing! Can you tell me how you heard of krill oil and why you chose it over CLO or FCLO?


    Michele Reply:

    I really liked Dr. Mercola’s info on krill oil. You can find it with a quick search. Some of our family does use the other oil options; it varies on what we have/affordability/health needs. I recommend looking at the comparison chart that I linked to for more info, but CL and FCLO are still good options, too. :)


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